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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Release differences?
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 17:20:23 GMT
I compared the cayenne-3.1RC1.tar.gz release with the and was surprised by the number of differences.

The html, css, package-list is all different.   That's 1786 lines.
These seem to be line ending issues.

The jar files are different.   Maybe this is just due to our build
process using different date stamps?

Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/bin/CayenneModeler.jar and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/bin/CayenneModeler.jar differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/lib/cayenne-client-3.1RC1.jar and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/lib/cayenne-client-3.1RC1.jar differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/lib/cayenne-lifecycle-3.1RC1.jar and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/lib/cayenne-lifecycle-3.1RC1.jar differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/lib/cayenne-server-3.1RC1.jar and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/lib/cayenne-server-3.1RC1.jar differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/lib/cayenne-tools-3.1RC1.jar and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/lib/cayenne-tools-3.1RC1.jar differ

The pdf files are different -- this one was unexpected, but again,
maybe due to these being build artifacts with different date stamps?

Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/cayenne-guide.pdf and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/doc/cayenne-guide.pdf differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/getting-started.pdf and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/doc/getting-started.pdf differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/getting-started-rop.pdf and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/doc/getting-started-rop.pdf differ
Files cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/upgrade-guide.pdf and
cayenne-3.1RC1-win/doc/upgrade-guide.pdf differ

Lastly, the resources used by the api docs are different.  This is the
one that seems like it's the biggest concern.

Only in cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/api/resources: background.gif
Only in cayenne-3.1RC1-win/doc/api/resources: inherit.gif
Only in cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/api/resources: tab.gif
Only in cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/api/resources: titlebar_end.gif
Only in cayenne-3.1RC1-tar-gz/doc/api/resources: titlebar.gif

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