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From Robert Zeigler <>
Subject Re: my first cayenne project
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2013 22:53:58 GMT
PS: This really belongs on the user list. :)


On Dec 14, 2013, at 12/1412:24 PM , Michael Hatch <> wrote:

> Hello developers,
> I just started my first project utilizing cayenne (and grails). I was
> surprised that following the tutorial was not working for me, by which I
> mean I could not get a simple SelectQuery(Class) to return anything other
> than null. I downloaded the source to the server jar and identified that
> the non-default constructor did nothing. I modified the source to have the
> non-default construct that accepts a class or a string to call "this()"
> before calling init and all was well. I have no idea how you have had so
> many releases and tutorial documentation stating that a simple
> SelectQuery(Class) would return anything, when clearly it doesn't.

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