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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: IMPORTANT: Major Confluence Upgrade Coming Soon. Please review test instance now.
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 14:14:40 GMT
Good thing we are off autoexport plugin :)

On Jun 18, 2013, at 10:09 AM, Mike Kienenberger <> wrote:

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> From: gmcdonald <>
> Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 7:56 AM
> Subject: IMPORTANT: Major Confluence Upgrade Coming Soon. Please
> review test instance now.
> Hi All,
> If your project has a Confluence Wiki then this is an IMPORTANT announcement
> for you and your project. Please read this email carefully.
> NOTICE: The ASF Confluence instance is planned to be upgraded this Saturday
> 22nd June 2013. Judging by the time taken to upgrade the test instance,
> please expect the service to be in a down or read only state for the entire
> day.
> This email is to let you know that a test upgrade has already occurred and
> is live for you to play with now. This gives us all an opportunity to test
> for stability as well as any upgrade/plugin issues that might have happened
> along the way.
> Our current confluence wiki is at version 3.4.9 from way back in February
> 2011 and Atlassian have released a further 45 updates along the way,
> including another 2 major versions.
> The test instance has been upgraded several times along the way, with
> database surgery, operating system and server changes along the way.
> There have been casualties. Most notably is the Autoexport Plugin has had to
> be disabled permanently as during extensive testing, this plugin stopped
> working on version 4.3. Templates and Macros are also affected with major
> changes from wiki markup to xhtml amongst other things. Some plugins
> survived with upgrades all the way whilst some have been
> decommissioned/replaced or have changed to 'paid for' versions that we need
> to sort out licensing for. Nothing major that I can tell, but that's where
> you lot come in with your testing of your own spaces.
> Please familiarise yourself with what's new in Confluence 5.1 at
> and also take a good look around our upgraded test instance. Do not worry
> about mucking anything up on the test instance as that is what it is there
> for. Any changes/additions made will be lost on Saturday when a new
> migration will take place. The current confluence version will remain online
> in a read only state until the new version is completed.
> A jira ticket has been raised at
> where projects can add
> comments on any issues they are having with the test instance as compared to
> their old site. Just problems only please, do not turn it into a how to use
> confluence 5 thread. In addition, if there are any features that you
> currently use that do not work in the test instance, please replicate the
> feature in the current production TEST space so that I can test them all in
> the one place along the way. (Ask if you need create page permissions to
> )
> It may be possible in the future to replace Autoexport by playing around
> with the API to export the pages but this is not a priority, nor is it
> supported. We warned projects long ago that the Autoexport Tool would be
> incompatible with future Confluence versions and that time has now come.
> Ok so, please test and report to the Jira Issue mentioned anything amiss
> with your space. Go to and have a play
> around. You have 3 DAYS to report anything you find.
> Thanks
> Gavin (ASF Infra)

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