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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Modeler improvements
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 07:41:07 GMT
I will have a few interns this summer at our company, so I am thinking we can have a private
"Summer of Code" of sorts and try to improve CayenneModeler. Here is a quick improvement list
that I sketched out. Any comments / suggestions from your own experience?

* rework of ObjRelationship/ObjAttribute "inspector" (Better path mapping UI, display the
joins … just something that is not confusing)

* Filters for Left-hand project navigator (kind of like Eclipse panel filters) to show/hide

* Allow to link DataMaps to DataNodes from DataNode editor. Also when creating the first DN
in the project, auto link all DMs to it.

* Make DataMap editor fields wider.

* better callback mapping (maybe a tree of callback types with methods? instead of a dropdown).
Otherwise it is hard to get a big picture for a given entity.

* Merge Entity Attributes and Relationships tabs together

* at the minimum add "new attr" and "new rel" buttons to the "rel" and "attr" panels

* Generate classes/ generate DB schema should be enabled when higher tree objects are selected

* Easy navigation between related attributes and rels

* remove ":sync w/DbEntity" button from ObjEntity - it is redundant and already present on
the entity toolbar.

* Remove DataDomain cache configuration UI and move it to DI

* Remove Listeners support from the Modeler (IMO listeners do not belong in the DataMap, unlike
callbacks, and should be added in the code)

* (not modeler related) Some XML or property file for cdbimport to tweak the naming of special
cases of reengineered schemas


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