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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Website CMS
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 08:02:25 GMT
On 29/10/12 5:54pm, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Awesome!
>> 1c Fix or remove news: I asked oninfra and was pointed to some similar solutions
> Unless we have a plan for this, I suggest moving the most recent blog entry announcements
to Apache CMS pages, and manually filling the summary section on the home page. We'll revisit
it later.

>> 1d Breadcrumb doesn't work:we have code for this, but do we even need it?
> Yeah, it was useful, but not that useful to delay migration.

I just removed it.

>> I don't know where we are with 2a. Is this mostly done? Somewhat done?
> The new docs are for 3.1 and 3.2 only. (Older releases will keep using SVN-checked wikidocs
of course)
> The docs are not finished (we have 100% of tutorials, ~60-70% of Cayenne Guide, 1% of
Modeler Guide). But I still suggest publishing what we have in docbook and do not preserve
wikidocs for 3.1 (and 3.2). The docbook project is a complete rewrite, rather then porting
of the old docs. So it doesn't have any legacy assumptions and attempts to present a consistent
picture of the framework the way I see it now (as opposed to the way I saw it ca 2004). Conversely
wikidocs doesn't have anything on 3.1 DI, and will confuse anybody trying to get started with
Cayenne 3.1

OK, then we just have to get it finished before we release 3.1. Until then it can serve as
partial documentation with an early focus on the new features. Sounds fair?

Actually I found our docbook output:

> Another issue with doc publishing - should we be tying doc publishing to CI? All doc
changes can be roughly split into two categories - those catching up with an existing release
and those corresponding to the yet unreleased code. Especially the Javadocs will mostly fall
in the second category… So maybe we do docbook+javadoc publishing manually by checking in
the built files to the site SVN folder? This way we can do both - fix doc bugs between releases
and time publishing with a given release.

I think that tying it into CI is much simpler. Otherwise it relies on people remembering to
commit and publish. And the buildbot documentation build doesn't fail in odd ways like the
big Jenkins run against different databases.

But I agree that we need a way to easily branch the docs and publish them in a sane way. Let
me get some more answers from infra about the staging/publishing process when we want to bypass
svn committing for the output.

In theory, docbook is just an alternative to textile or markdown. But I don't think that would
be easy to tie into Perl somehow...

> Thoughts?
>> I've never written Perl, so much of the scripting is a bit foreign to me.
> I have some Perl skills (I can *write* in Perl, but often can't read other's code :)
Perl is "write-only" after all :)). Let me know if you need help with Perl scripting.

Great. To me Perl looks like one multiline regular expression.


Aristedes Maniatis
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