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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1357815 - /cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 06:41:47 GMT
I got annoyed trying to present a clear linear history of what is really 3 parallel histories
(in this case, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0). 

Now and in the past different developers treated cross-release jiras differently and inconsistently
(either putting it in the oldest release, or all releases involved, or some subset). So I
decided to try something else to reduce the confusion - scope RELEASE-NOTES to just one major
release. I am open to scoping it to maybe the current and the previous one (effectively unrolling
1357815), but I guess going all the way to Cayenne 1.0 would also be an overkill. 


On Jul 6, 2012, at 3:14 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> Why? This is the only place the release history can be found in one place. Release dates,
features, fixes.
> Ari
> On 6/07/12 5:16am, wrote:
>> Author: aadamchik
>> Date: Thu Jul  5 19:16:11 2012
>> New Revision: 1357815
>> URL:
>> Log:
>> trimming release notes even more radically
>> Modified:
>>     cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
>> Modified: cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
>> URL:
>> ==============================================================================
>> --- cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
>> +++ cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Thu Jul  5 19:16:11
>> @@ -11,218 +11,10 @@
>>  Release: 3.2M1
>>  Date:
>>  ----------------------------------
>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1
>> +Changes/New Features:
>>  CAY-1717 [PATCH] Implement JDBC compatibility layer methods
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Release: 3.1B2
>> -Date: 2012
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1B1:
>> +Bug Fixes:
>> -CAY-1689 CAY-1689 [PATCH] LOB*QueryBuilders do not check isQuotingSQLIdentifiers
>> -CAY-1713 Inconsistent property name: "cayenne.rop.service.timeout"
>> -CAY-1715 Passing parameters to mapped EJBQL queries
>>  CAY-1721 Writing blobs fails (Oracle)
>> -
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Release: 3.1B1
>> -Date: 10 June 2012
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M3:
>> -
>> -CAY-1459 Modeler: DbEntities from other DataMaps under same domain are not displayed
>> -CAY-1603 Improve custom ExtendedType registration API
>> -CAY-1607 [PATCH] add pluralize method to StringUtils for use in templates
>> -CAY-1608 Implement constructor injection support for DefaultAdhocObjectFactory
>> -CAY-1616 Remove internal dependencies on deprecated ObjectContext.localObject
>> -CAY-1618 Create database adapters instances with proper injection
>> -CAY-1629 [PATCH] Can't add custom Hessian serializers to the client
>> -CAY-1630 [PATCH] On OptimisticLockException, add method to return the object that
caused the failure
>> -CAY-1637 [PATCH] DataContextFactory is cumbersome to customize
>> -CAY-1638 [PATCH] Can't disable validation for CayenneContext
>> -CAY-1639 cayenne-lifecycle: don't call String representation of ObjectId a UUID
>> -CAY-1640 NullPointerException when saving
>> -CAY-1642 [PATCH] add ability to customize connection "timeout" setting for ROP
>> -CAY-1643 Updated Velocity templates to use static keys in setters/getters
>> -CAY-1649 Use BOOLEAN data type on Derby. Require Derby version >=
>> -CAY-1650 [PATCH] Verify existence of tables if a default schema is specified
>> -CAY-1651 ObjectContext.localObject - defer FaultFailureExceptions on temporary IDs
>> -CAY-1653 Improving DefaultEventManager concurrency - non-bocking DispatchQueue
>> -CAY-1654 Can't switch DataSource Factory on certain projects
>> -CAY-1656 cayenne generate extra data in xml model when change DataNode factory
>> -CAY-1657 Expression: in-memory comparison requires persistent to be in the same
context as exp parameters to match
>> -CAY-1659 PATCH: Ingres limit query support
>> -CAY-1660 Ingres primary key generator doesn't work correctly with Ingres 10
>> -CAY-1662 @Auditable and @AuditableChild annotations should support 'ignoredProperties'
parameter and exclude changes to runtime relationships
>> -CAY-1663 @CacheGroups annotation should allow an empty list of cache groups
>> -CAY-1665 Consistent and concise property names aggregated in one place
>> -CAY-1666 Fix problem with tests on ingres db
>> -CAY-1667 Expression parser performance optimization
>> -CAY-1668 Memory Exhaustion Problem with Deserialization of ObjectContext
>> -CAY-1669 RuntimeProperties use of System properties becomes a contention point when
creating query translators
>> -CAY-1670 Non-blocking DataRowStore
>> -CAY-1672 [PATCH] SQLException thrown by processSchemaUpdate in BaseSchemaUpdateStrategy
is not thrown in sub classes
>> -CAY-1674 Error generating classes with invalid path in the query qualifier
>> -CAY-1675 [PATCH] add .first(List<T>) method to Expression to enhance in-memory
>> -CAY-1679 A notion of default node
>> -CAY-1680 Get rid of shared locks in DataDomain metadata lookups
>> -CAY-1681 Third prefetch kind - DISJOINT_BY_ID
>> -CAY-1684 Upgrade commons-collections dependency to 3.2.1
>> -CAY-1686 StringIdQuery - a query providing an optimized fetch for objects based
on 1..N String IDs.
>> -CAY-1688 [PATCH] rename DataDomain.getNode to getDataNode
>> -CAY-1693 Initial support for bitwise operators in Expression and SelectQuery - MySQL
>> -CAY-1698 ObjectIdRelationship support for AuditableChild
>> -CAY-1700 Split long DISJOINT_BY_ID prefetch query on several smaller queries
>> -CAY-1705 Cayenne plugin compatibility with M2E
>> -CAY-1706 Build support on JDK 1.7
>> -CAY-1658 Add sort ordering enhancements to SelectQuery
>> -
>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M3:
>> -
>> -CAY-1477 Modeler: Better validation for erroneous horizontal inheritance mapping
>> -CAY-1513 Deadlock in PoolManager
>> -CAY-1623 [PATCH] PersistentObjectList.setValue does not work
>> -CAY-1624 [PATCH] PersistentObjectHolder throws NPE is object is transient - not
in an ObjectContext
>> -CAY-1627 CayenneModeler: collection types for to-many relationships are not saved
>> -CAY-1628 ClassCastException when using java.util.Set or java.util.Map as collection
type for to-many relationship
>> -CAY-1631 Oracle - passing blobs as stored procedure parameters
>> -CAY-1632 CayenneModeler: flattened relationship paths are not fully displayed
>> -CAY-1634 [PATCH] In ChildDiffLoader.nodePropertyChanged the oldValue is not passed
to writeProperty
>> -CAY-1648 [PATCH] ValidationException throws format exception if error message contains
percent sign
>> -CAY-1694 When importing an EOModel, the DataNode gets lost
>> -CAY-1696 Undo/Redo stop working after deleting several project items at once
>> -CAY-1697 Error on Save after importing database
>> -CAY-1701 Modeler cannot undo pasting of obj (db) entity
>> -CAY-1702 Excessive Selection action is generated when selecting datanode
>> -CAY-1703 NPE on selecting default datasource value
>> -
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Release: 3.1 M3
>> -Date: 26 September 2011
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M2:
>> -
>> -CAY-943 Support multiple cayenne.xml files in the project
>> -CAY-1266 Joint prefetches with fetch limit and offset do not work on Oracle
>> -CAY-1461 CayenneModeler: remove ScopeMVC dependency - ObjRelationshipInfoDialog
>> -CAY-1556 Add path construction feature to make constructing paths from constants
easier for queries and orderings
>> -CAY-1525 CharType: don't trim spaces on the left
>> -CAY-1537 Implement ObjectContext local caches as NestedQueryCache over the shared
>> -CAY-1544 Remove jdk1.6 module from Cayenne sources
>> -CAY-1545 cayenne-lifecycle Referenceable handler refactoring
>> -CAY-1547 cayenne-lifecycle: support for setting UuidRelationships
>> -CAY-1549 Migrate BatchQueryBuilderFactory to DI
>> -CAY-1553 cayenne-lifecycle: @SortWeight annotation
>> -CAY-1573 QueryLogger to DI JdbcEventLogger migration
>> -CAY-1584 Improve Cayenne modeler re-ordering named query in the cayenne map xml
>> -CAY-1586 New extension point: a strategy for retaining objects in the ObjectStore
>> -CAY-1590 DDL generation without a live datasource
>> -CAY-1594 DI extension point: turning on/off cross-ObjectContext synchronization
>> -CAY-1595 EHCache implementation of Provider<QueryCache>
>> -CAY-1598 Per DataMap listeners are called for all entities in DataDomain
>> -CAY-1599 Annotation-based global listeners registration
>> -CAY-1605 Switch Cayenne to use unified Maven repository
>> -CAY-1606 Change CayenneModeler new object naming strategy
>> -CAY-1610 ObjectContext API to use varargs
>> -CAY-1611 ObjectContext API improvement - better 'localObect' method
>> -
>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M2:
>> -
>> -CAY-1469 Modeler: dbRelationships renaming problem
>> -CAY-1526 Preferences: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Key too long
>> -CAY-1539 Incorrect offset handling on some queries against database with supported
>> -CAY-1546 cayenne-lifecycle: UuidBatchFault concurrency issues
>> -CAY-1555 Unpublished dependencies of Maven plugins
>> -CAY-1575 Error generating Embeddable classes in Cayenne Modeler
>> -CAY-1577 SQL queries for LIKE expressions with escape character generated with syntax
>> -CAY-1581 Not-Escaping <> during serialization to *.map.xml
>> -CAY-1583 context.getObjectStore() returning null causing NullpointerException in
>> -CAY-1585 SelectQuery automatic cache key needs FetchOffset
>> -CAY-1591 CayenneModeler: keyboard shortcuts causing havoc in SQLTemplate SQL editor
>> -CAY-1596 setFetchOffset & setFetchLimit issue under SQL Server 2008 R2 64Bit
>> -CAY-1602 OSCache clustering should be shared per JVM - @CacheGroup annotation causes
creation of too many cluster listeners
>> -
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Release: 3.1 M2
>> -Date: 8 March 2011
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M1:
>> -
>> -CAY-1445 Initialize QueryCache via dependency injection
>> -CAY-1508 Support for DataChannel filters
>> -CAY-1509 Lifecycle event annotations support
>> -CAY-1532 Import cayenne-lifecycle from sandbox
>> -CAY-1533 Deprecate org.apache.cayenne.xml
>> -CAY-1534 cayenne-lifecycle: implement AuditableFilter
>> -CAY-1536 Expand deserialization context to provide Injector object instead of just
a DataChannel.
>> -
>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M1:
>> -
>> -CAY-1511 Problem in db2: comparison operators are not supported on Clob object values.
>> -CAY-1515 runtime relationships are not initialized
>> -CAY-1516 CayenneModeler - DataMap deletion doesn't delete DataMap XML
>> -CAY-1517 CayenneModeler - recent projects ordering is random
>> -CAY-1519 Application deadlock trying to guess static constant fields
>> -CAY-1528 Undo CAY-1213
>> -CAY-1529 Cayenne should support enum types in qualifier statements/expression handling
>> -CAY-1542 DI container is not shutting down Cayenne-managed connection pool
>> -
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Release: 3.1 M1
>> -Date:
>> -----------------------------------
>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.0:
>> -
>> -CAY-952 Generate OUTER joins for flattened attributes in a SelectQuery
>> -CAY-1213 Cayenne should support enum types in qualifier statements/expression handling
>> -CAY-1251 Memorize user-selected column widths in preferences
>> -CAY-1310 Remove everything deprecated in 3.0
>> -CAY-1314 Migrate Modeler Preferences to Java Preferences API: migrate org.apache.cayenne.modeler.ModelerPreferences
>> -CAY-1315 Formattable exceptions
>> -CAY-1316 Deprecate DataObjectUtils and move its methods to new utility class org.apache.cayenne.Cayenne
>> -CAY-1318 Cayenne configuration to support a single DataDomain
>> -CAY-1319 Minimal DI container-based configuration to run Cayenne
>> -CAY-1323 oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP in Result of query
>> -CAY-1327 Migrate HSQLDB modeler preferences to Java preferences API
>> -CAY-1329 DI-based cayenne-project module
>> -CAY-1331 hessian upgrade stops rop
>> -CAY-1336 Oracle specific type support (oracle.sql.*), add handlers.
>> -CAY-1338 Move CayenneUserDir to the Modeler
>> -CAY-1339 Remove org.apache.cayenne.project package from runtime
>> -CAY-1340 Implement ConfigurationNode / ConfigurationNodeVisitor for the Cayenne
project tree, including DataMap objects.
>> -CAY-1342 Remove wocompat package from Cayenne core
>> -CAY-1350 Implement memorized sorting of modeler columns
>> -CAY-1374 Add parent dataMap property to Query interface
>> -CAY-1393 Update velocity to 1.6.3
>> -CAY-1394 DI-based replacement for JNDI hack
>> -CAY-1414 Remove org.apache.cayenne.conf package
>> -CAY-1415 Replace WebApplicationContextFilter with a DI-enabled filter
>> -CAY-1419 File-based ResourceLocator to replace legacy FileConfiguration
>> -CAY-1420 Migrate ROP server-side components to DI-based stack
>> -CAY-1421 CayenneRuntime shutdown functionality
>> -CAY-1422 Convert EventManager to an interface, make it injectable
>> -CAY-1424 DI: support for named service injection and flexible map/list binding
>> -CAY-1425 Remove Configuration sharedConfiguration singleton affecting DataContext
deserialization, CayenneDataObject XML deserialization, DataContext static factory method.
>> -CAY-1433 Change #chunk behaviour to skipe only null arguments (don't skip 0 or false)
>> -CAY-1438 refactoring EntityInheritanceTree lookups
>> -CAY-1439 ClassDescriptor refactoring - replacing returned iterators with collections
>> -CAY-1446 Remove DataContextFactory, replace it with DI-enabled ObjectContextFactory
>> -CAY-1447 Switch ROP client to dependency injection
>> -CAY-1474 Straightening CayenneModeler platform-specific builds
>> -CAY-1475 Move cayenne-modeler module out of framework/ and out of the assembly binary
>> -CAY-1476 Preferences exception on domain renaming
>> -CAY-1479 EntitySorter refactoring: make it DI-based, internalize Ashowood lib
>> -CAY-1486 Switch QueryLogger to a DI-managed object
>> -CAY-1491 Add AUTO_INCREMENT primary key support for H2.
>> -CAY-1497 Cayenne tools integration tests
>> -CAY-1499 Deprecate DataContext.objectFromDataRow methods with unused "refresh" parameters.
>> -
>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.0:
>> -
>> -CAY-1304 Fix some failures in tests on SQLite
>> -CAY-1328 SQLTemplate for DataMap is not working
>> -CAY-1363 Postgress don't support notations float(a, b)
>> -CAY-1364 SQL server don't support notations float(a, b)
>> -CAY-1430 Problems with TINYINT type mapping
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