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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1357815 - /cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 04:54:17 GMT
I see the problem, but I think the solution may have been overkill.  We lose very valuable

* is this project alive; does it have a regular release history, going back many years?
* what was fixed between the version I have now (possibly several releases ago) and the one
I want to upgrade to?
* what new features should I look at?
* it is the only place to find all the release dates (well, most of them)

And for marketing reasons, I think a full release history is really nice. It presents the
project as being robust, established and alive.

How about keeping the whole thing, but moving it into the new CMS? Then it isn't versioned
with releases, but is a single document and easily visible. How about we collapse all the
beta and milestone releases and leave just the final public releases? I'm happy to help (but
I'm away for a week from today).

Here's what I do in another project:


On 6/07/12 4:41pm, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> I got annoyed trying to present a clear linear history of what is really 3 parallel histories
(in this case, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0).
> Now and in the past different developers treated cross-release jiras differently and
inconsistently (either putting it in the oldest release, or all releases involved, or some
subset). So I decided to try something else to reduce the confusion - scope RELEASE-NOTES
to just one major release. I am open to scoping it to maybe the current and the previous one
(effectively unrolling r
> 1357815), but I guess going all the way to Cayenne 1.0 would also be an overkill.
> Andrus
> On Jul 6, 2012, at 3:14 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> Why? This is the only place the release history can be found in one place. Release
dates, features, fixes.
>> Ari
>> On 6/07/12 5:16am, wrote:
>>> Author: aadamchik
>>> Date: Thu Jul  5 19:16:11 2012
>>> New Revision: 1357815
>>> URL:
>>> Log:
>>> trimming release notes even more radically
>>> Modified:
>>>      cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
>>> Modified: cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
>>> URL:
>>> ==============================================================================
>>> --- cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
>>> +++ cayenne/main/trunk/docs/doc/src/main/resources/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Thu Jul
 5 19:16:11 2012
>>> @@ -11,218 +11,10 @@
>>>   Release: 3.2M1
>>>   Date:
>>>   ----------------------------------
>>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1
>>> +Changes/New Features:
>>>   CAY-1717 [PATCH] Implement JDBC compatibility layer methods
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Release: 3.1B2
>>> -Date: 2012
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1B1:
>>> +Bug Fixes:
>>> -CAY-1689 CAY-1689 [PATCH] LOB*QueryBuilders do not check isQuotingSQLIdentifiers
>>> -CAY-1713 Inconsistent property name: "cayenne.rop.service.timeout"
>>> -CAY-1715 Passing parameters to mapped EJBQL queries
>>>   CAY-1721 Writing blobs fails (Oracle)
>>> -
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Release: 3.1B1
>>> -Date: 10 June 2012
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M3:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1459 Modeler: DbEntities from other DataMaps under same domain are not displayed
>>> -CAY-1603 Improve custom ExtendedType registration API
>>> -CAY-1607 [PATCH] add pluralize method to StringUtils for use in templates
>>> -CAY-1608 Implement constructor injection support for DefaultAdhocObjectFactory
>>> -CAY-1616 Remove internal dependencies on deprecated ObjectContext.localObject
>>> -CAY-1618 Create database adapters instances with proper injection
>>> -CAY-1629 [PATCH] Can't add custom Hessian serializers to the client
>>> -CAY-1630 [PATCH] On OptimisticLockException, add method to return the object
that caused the failure
>>> -CAY-1637 [PATCH] DataContextFactory is cumbersome to customize
>>> -CAY-1638 [PATCH] Can't disable validation for CayenneContext
>>> -CAY-1639 cayenne-lifecycle: don't call String representation of ObjectId a UUID
>>> -CAY-1640 NullPointerException when saving
>>> -CAY-1642 [PATCH] add ability to customize connection "timeout" setting for ROP
>>> -CAY-1643 Updated Velocity templates to use static keys in setters/getters
>>> -CAY-1649 Use BOOLEAN data type on Derby. Require Derby version >=
>>> -CAY-1650 [PATCH] Verify existence of tables if a default schema is specified
>>> -CAY-1651 ObjectContext.localObject - defer FaultFailureExceptions on temporary
>>> -CAY-1653 Improving DefaultEventManager concurrency - non-bocking DispatchQueue
>>> -CAY-1654 Can't switch DataSource Factory on certain projects
>>> -CAY-1656 cayenne generate extra data in xml model when change DataNode factory
>>> -CAY-1657 Expression: in-memory comparison requires persistent to be in the same
context as exp parameters to match
>>> -CAY-1659 PATCH: Ingres limit query support
>>> -CAY-1660 Ingres primary key generator doesn't work correctly with Ingres 10
>>> -CAY-1662 @Auditable and @AuditableChild annotations should support 'ignoredProperties'
parameter and exclude changes to runtime relationships
>>> -CAY-1663 @CacheGroups annotation should allow an empty list of cache groups
>>> -CAY-1665 Consistent and concise property names aggregated in one place
>>> -CAY-1666 Fix problem with tests on ingres db
>>> -CAY-1667 Expression parser performance optimization
>>> -CAY-1668 Memory Exhaustion Problem with Deserialization of ObjectContext
>>> -CAY-1669 RuntimeProperties use of System properties becomes a contention point
when creating query translators
>>> -CAY-1670 Non-blocking DataRowStore
>>> -CAY-1672 [PATCH] SQLException thrown by processSchemaUpdate in BaseSchemaUpdateStrategy
is not thrown in sub classes
>>> -CAY-1674 Error generating classes with invalid path in the query qualifier
>>> -CAY-1675 [PATCH] add .first(List<T>) method to Expression to enhance in-memory
>>> -CAY-1679 A notion of default node
>>> -CAY-1680 Get rid of shared locks in DataDomain metadata lookups
>>> -CAY-1681 Third prefetch kind - DISJOINT_BY_ID
>>> -CAY-1684 Upgrade commons-collections dependency to 3.2.1
>>> -CAY-1686 StringIdQuery - a query providing an optimized fetch for objects based
on 1..N String IDs.
>>> -CAY-1688 [PATCH] rename DataDomain.getNode to getDataNode
>>> -CAY-1693 Initial support for bitwise operators in Expression and SelectQuery
>>> -CAY-1698 ObjectIdRelationship support for AuditableChild
>>> -CAY-1700 Split long DISJOINT_BY_ID prefetch query on several smaller queries
>>> -CAY-1705 Cayenne plugin compatibility with M2E
>>> -CAY-1706 Build support on JDK 1.7
>>> -CAY-1658 Add sort ordering enhancements to SelectQuery
>>> -
>>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M3:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1477 Modeler: Better validation for erroneous horizontal inheritance mapping
>>> -CAY-1513 Deadlock in PoolManager
>>> -CAY-1623 [PATCH] PersistentObjectList.setValue does not work
>>> -CAY-1624 [PATCH] PersistentObjectHolder throws NPE is object is transient -
not in an ObjectContext
>>> -CAY-1627 CayenneModeler: collection types for to-many relationships are not
>>> -CAY-1628 ClassCastException when using java.util.Set or java.util.Map as collection
type for to-many relationship
>>> -CAY-1631 Oracle - passing blobs as stored procedure parameters
>>> -CAY-1632 CayenneModeler: flattened relationship paths are not fully displayed
>>> -CAY-1634 [PATCH] In ChildDiffLoader.nodePropertyChanged the oldValue is not
passed to writeProperty
>>> -CAY-1648 [PATCH] ValidationException throws format exception if error message
contains percent sign
>>> -CAY-1694 When importing an EOModel, the DataNode gets lost
>>> -CAY-1696 Undo/Redo stop working after deleting several project items at once
>>> -CAY-1697 Error on Save after importing database
>>> -CAY-1701 Modeler cannot undo pasting of obj (db) entity
>>> -CAY-1702 Excessive Selection action is generated when selecting datanode
>>> -CAY-1703 NPE on selecting default datasource value
>>> -
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Release: 3.1 M3
>>> -Date: 26 September 2011
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M2:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-943 Support multiple cayenne.xml files in the project
>>> -CAY-1266 Joint prefetches with fetch limit and offset do not work on Oracle
>>> -CAY-1461 CayenneModeler: remove ScopeMVC dependency - ObjRelationshipInfoDialog
>>> -CAY-1556 Add path construction feature to make constructing paths from constants
easier for queries and orderings
>>> -CAY-1525 CharType: don't trim spaces on the left
>>> -CAY-1537 Implement ObjectContext local caches as NestedQueryCache over the shared
>>> -CAY-1544 Remove jdk1.6 module from Cayenne sources
>>> -CAY-1545 cayenne-lifecycle Referenceable handler refactoring
>>> -CAY-1547 cayenne-lifecycle: support for setting UuidRelationships
>>> -CAY-1549 Migrate BatchQueryBuilderFactory to DI
>>> -CAY-1553 cayenne-lifecycle: @SortWeight annotation
>>> -CAY-1573 QueryLogger to DI JdbcEventLogger migration
>>> -CAY-1584 Improve Cayenne modeler re-ordering named query in the cayenne map
>>> -CAY-1586 New extension point: a strategy for retaining objects in the ObjectStore
>>> -CAY-1590 DDL generation without a live datasource
>>> -CAY-1594 DI extension point: turning on/off cross-ObjectContext synchronization
>>> -CAY-1595 EHCache implementation of Provider<QueryCache>
>>> -CAY-1598 Per DataMap listeners are called for all entities in DataDomain
>>> -CAY-1599 Annotation-based global listeners registration
>>> -CAY-1605 Switch Cayenne to use unified Maven repository
>>> -CAY-1606 Change CayenneModeler new object naming strategy
>>> -CAY-1610 ObjectContext API to use varargs
>>> -CAY-1611 ObjectContext API improvement - better 'localObect' method
>>> -
>>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M2:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1469 Modeler: dbRelationships renaming problem
>>> -CAY-1526 Preferences: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Key too long
>>> -CAY-1539 Incorrect offset handling on some queries against database with supported
>>> -CAY-1546 cayenne-lifecycle: UuidBatchFault concurrency issues
>>> -CAY-1555 Unpublished dependencies of Maven plugins
>>> -CAY-1575 Error generating Embeddable classes in Cayenne Modeler
>>> -CAY-1577 SQL queries for LIKE expressions with escape character generated with
syntax errors
>>> -CAY-1581 Not-Escaping <> during serialization to *.map.xml
>>> -CAY-1583 context.getObjectStore() returning null causing NullpointerException
in DataMergeHandler
>>> -CAY-1585 SelectQuery automatic cache key needs FetchOffset
>>> -CAY-1591 CayenneModeler: keyboard shortcuts causing havoc in SQLTemplate SQL
>>> -CAY-1596 setFetchOffset & setFetchLimit issue under SQL Server 2008 R2 64Bit
>>> -CAY-1602 OSCache clustering should be shared per JVM - @CacheGroup annotation
causes creation of too many cluster listeners
>>> -
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Release: 3.1 M2
>>> -Date: 8 March 2011
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.1M1:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1445 Initialize QueryCache via dependency injection
>>> -CAY-1508 Support for DataChannel filters
>>> -CAY-1509 Lifecycle event annotations support
>>> -CAY-1532 Import cayenne-lifecycle from sandbox
>>> -CAY-1533 Deprecate org.apache.cayenne.xml
>>> -CAY-1534 cayenne-lifecycle: implement AuditableFilter
>>> -CAY-1536 Expand deserialization context to provide Injector object instead of
just a DataChannel.
>>> -
>>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.1M1:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1511 Problem in db2: comparison operators are not supported on Clob object
>>> -CAY-1515 runtime relationships are not initialized
>>> -CAY-1516 CayenneModeler - DataMap deletion doesn't delete DataMap XML
>>> -CAY-1517 CayenneModeler - recent projects ordering is random
>>> -CAY-1519 Application deadlock trying to guess static constant fields
>>> -CAY-1528 Undo CAY-1213
>>> -CAY-1529 Cayenne should support enum types in qualifier statements/expression
>>> -CAY-1542 DI container is not shutting down Cayenne-managed connection pool
>>> -
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Release: 3.1 M1
>>> -Date:
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> -Changes/New Features Since 3.0:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-952 Generate OUTER joins for flattened attributes in a SelectQuery
>>> -CAY-1213 Cayenne should support enum types in qualifier statements/expression
>>> -CAY-1251 Memorize user-selected column widths in preferences
>>> -CAY-1310 Remove everything deprecated in 3.0
>>> -CAY-1314 Migrate Modeler Preferences to Java Preferences API: migrate org.apache.cayenne.modeler.ModelerPreferences
>>> -CAY-1315 Formattable exceptions
>>> -CAY-1316 Deprecate DataObjectUtils and move its methods to new utility class
>>> -CAY-1318 Cayenne configuration to support a single DataDomain
>>> -CAY-1319 Minimal DI container-based configuration to run Cayenne
>>> -CAY-1323 oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP in Result of query
>>> -CAY-1327 Migrate HSQLDB modeler preferences to Java preferences API
>>> -CAY-1329 DI-based cayenne-project module
>>> -CAY-1331 hessian upgrade stops rop
>>> -CAY-1336 Oracle specific type support (oracle.sql.*), add handlers.
>>> -CAY-1338 Move CayenneUserDir to the Modeler
>>> -CAY-1339 Remove org.apache.cayenne.project package from runtime
>>> -CAY-1340 Implement ConfigurationNode / ConfigurationNodeVisitor for the Cayenne
project tree, including DataMap objects.
>>> -CAY-1342 Remove wocompat package from Cayenne core
>>> -CAY-1350 Implement memorized sorting of modeler columns
>>> -CAY-1374 Add parent dataMap property to Query interface
>>> -CAY-1393 Update velocity to 1.6.3
>>> -CAY-1394 DI-based replacement for JNDI hack
>>> -CAY-1414 Remove org.apache.cayenne.conf package
>>> -CAY-1415 Replace WebApplicationContextFilter with a DI-enabled filter
>>> -CAY-1419 File-based ResourceLocator to replace legacy FileConfiguration
>>> -CAY-1420 Migrate ROP server-side components to DI-based stack
>>> -CAY-1421 CayenneRuntime shutdown functionality
>>> -CAY-1422 Convert EventManager to an interface, make it injectable
>>> -CAY-1424 DI: support for named service injection and flexible map/list binding
>>> -CAY-1425 Remove Configuration sharedConfiguration singleton affecting DataContext
deserialization, CayenneDataObject XML deserialization, DataContext static factory method.
>>> -CAY-1433 Change #chunk behaviour to skipe only null arguments (don't skip 0
or false)
>>> -CAY-1438 refactoring EntityInheritanceTree lookups
>>> -CAY-1439 ClassDescriptor refactoring - replacing returned iterators with collections
>>> -CAY-1446 Remove DataContextFactory, replace it with DI-enabled ObjectContextFactory
>>> -CAY-1447 Switch ROP client to dependency injection
>>> -CAY-1474 Straightening CayenneModeler platform-specific builds
>>> -CAY-1475 Move cayenne-modeler module out of framework/ and out of the assembly
>>> -CAY-1476 Preferences exception on domain renaming
>>> -CAY-1479 EntitySorter refactoring: make it DI-based, internalize Ashowood lib
>>> -CAY-1486 Switch QueryLogger to a DI-managed object
>>> -CAY-1491 Add AUTO_INCREMENT primary key support for H2.
>>> -CAY-1497 Cayenne tools integration tests
>>> -CAY-1499 Deprecate DataContext.objectFromDataRow methods with unused "refresh"
>>> -
>>> -Bug Fixes Since 3.0:
>>> -
>>> -CAY-1304 Fix some failures in tests on SQLite
>>> -CAY-1328 SQLTemplate for DataMap is not working
>>> -CAY-1363 Postgress don't support notations float(a, b)
>>> -CAY-1364 SQL server don't support notations float(a, b)
>>> -CAY-1430 Problems with TINYINT type mapping
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