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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Serialization warnings
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 13:15:08 GMT
On 15/06/12 10:36pm, Durchholz, Joachim wrote:

> Assuming those @Serializable annotations are there to make Hessian work, that is.
> If Hessian does not use Java's standard serialization, I don't see the point of those
@Serializable and serialVersionUID declarations in the first place.

I don't pretend to understand it all, but here's how Hessian does its work:

That is using java.lang.reflect.Constructor, so is that is aware of serialVersionUID? However,
my understanding is that Hessian is much more forgiving than Java serialisation.

Scott is one of the lead Hessian developers.


Aristedes Maniatis
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