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From Gary Jarrel <>
Subject Re: Apache CMS migration
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 09:48:07 GMT
Sorry Guys, just out of interest when you are talking about Apache CMS
are you talking about Apache Lenya?


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:19 PM, Dzmitry Kazimirchyk
<> wrote:
> Yes, sorry, actually I meant cayenne/site/cms (accidentally wrote it with
> main). So, I've already committed there initial directory layout for the CMS
> and opened a ticket in infra's Jira. Now waiting for the results...
> Dzmitry
> On 10/19/2011 01:56 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> On Wed Oct 19 00:41:12 2011, Dzmitry Kazimirchyk wrote:
>>> Just started work on wiki site migration to the Apache CMS. Confluence
>>> migration tools provided with it are quite helpful, I've managed to create
>>> site template and convert few pages with their help.
>>> Also I read somewhere in the CMS docs that infra can setup staging area
>>> for us where we can try new CMS. If this information is not outdated I think
>>> we should ask infra to do this to be able to test the CMS more closely. If
>>> anyone has any suggestions or can provide any assistance with this, that
>>> might be helpful.
>>> Or I can open ticket in their Jira, asking them to create staging area
>>> for us, myself. In this case we need to decide where new site files will be
>>> situated (suppose something like cayenne/main/site/cms). Once we make
>>> decision on this I'll commit initial directory tree for the CMS there and
>>> infra will be able to setup staging for us.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dzmitry
>> I think that cayenne/site/cms sounds like a good path. Not sure if we need
>> the main. And yes, open a ticket in Jira since I think that's the way to get
>> them to set up the staging site for us.
>> Ari

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