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From Dzmitry Kazimirchyk <>
Subject GSOC Cayenne Modeler Eclipse Plugin: first look
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 09:47:27 GMT
Briefly looked through cayenne-modeler-eclipse-plugin. And found 
following bugs:

     * Double clicking on *.map.xml files causes Eclipse internal cast 
error. I think we must open appropriate cayenne*.xml on such event or 
show error message if we can't find one.
     * On each double click on cayenne*.xml file new instance of Modeler 
opened and trying to operate with them causes bunch of unexpected 
things. Suppose, there must be only one instance of Modeler running at 
one time.

I have some suggestions about features that we may add to it:

     * don't know if it's easily doable but it will be good if when 
updating something in generated class, all references in project will be 
also updated. (E.g.: now if we change entity's attribute name in modeler 
but after that we must change (for example all setSomething) method 
names in project code by hand.) I think it will be a nice feature but if 
it is hard to do it can wait for next version.
     * also maybe we should close Modeler when its eclipse project get 
closed. (Now modeler closes when we exiting Eclipse, but if we have more 
than one project in workspace then I think it will be more handy if 
Modeler will close if we closing its project)

I'm going to do some cleanup of the code and plugin's POM and also take 
a look how we can fix current bugs. Any help on this will be 
appreciated. Then I think we can make some workable version of the 
plugin which everybody can test.


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