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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: docbook - continued
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2011 16:07:34 GMT
On Sat Aug 27 23:05:49 2011, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Just got some semi-free time due to being stuck for a couple of days in Amsterdam en
route to US because of the hurricane on the US East Coast. (and this is not the worst place
to get stuck for sure, so I am not complaining :-)). Anyways I resumed my work on the docbook
user guide, and already committed a few pages.
> May use a hand from Ari or somebody else on formatting. Specifically, can we create a
smaller font for PDF "programlisting" element to fit more code in one line, and somehow wrap
it in a box with different background from the page to tell apart separate programlistings
following each other?
> Also any suggestion on how to style pieces of code that are inline with the text (e.g.
FQ class names)?
> BTW Qxygen editor worked out really great.
> Andrus

Sure, happy to work on the formatting. But it will be easier once there 
is more content. Actually, I've recently attached a colouring library 
to my docs:

I can't remember if I did that for the Cayenne docs. If not, that's 
easily done.

As for inline code:

Aristedes Maniatis
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