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From Ksenia Khailenko <>
Subject Fwd: Regarding initial steps for GSOC project
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 09:40:33 GMT
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From: Ksenia Khailenko <>
Date: 2011/5/12
Subject: Re: Regarding initial steps for GSOC project
To: Eshan Sudharaka <>

Hi there! I've committed my old project to the sandbox(,
but it is not compilable, because of lots of change in modeler during this
year(at least, modeler has been moved from frameworks folder).

for convenience, I committed "plugin.patch" to the root of this project as
well, which has the same content as

Except of moving modeler subproject to another folder, there was greatly
developed DI-Container, which introduced new capabilities. so, the
instantiation of relevant entities as "Application", "ActionManager", etc
can be done now in a more beautiful way.

So, I think it is a good task for you - to sort out the working of
DI-Container and the way of creating own Module for injection in your

Sorry for the confusing explanations, don't hesitate to ask what is unclear.

I'm looking forward for the first results from you, may be some initial
plugin project would be enough for the first time.

2011/5/11 Ksenia Khailenko <>

> Unfortunately, I'll commit it tomorrow, I have some problems with local
> machine.
> 2011/5/11 Ksenia Khailenko <>
>> Hi Eshan!
>> We've discussed the way of working on this project with Andrus, and
>> decided to choose the ordinary way for our Contributors who are not
>> Committers yet: when you do something, you just make a patch ("git
>> format-patch HEAD^" gives you the patch with your latest committed local
>> revision), and then attach it to the jira, then I will check it and commit
>> to the repository. We will work in "
>>" where it is accepted
>> to locate experimental projects.
>> I solemnly promise that I'll commit the project related to
>> today :) Sorry for the
>> delay.
>> So, you can put your module like the project at sandbox and give me the
>> patches.
>> Btw, it would be better if our communication would be open for the
>> community, so let's cc-ing our mails to the ">" for
>> more productive work.
>> 2011/5/11 Eshan Sudharaka <>
>>> Hi Ksenia ,
>>>        During last days I went through your patch and also about eclipse
>>> plugin development. Since the coding period will start from 24th May on
>>> wards I thought to get initial steps from your patch. Because i have no idea
>>> where to put my module.(I think if i can apply your patch then i will be
>>> able to work from there with a project structure you have created ). So It
>>> would be a great help for me if you can apply it to the repository. Or else
>>> some of my friends those who are doing gsoc are using google code repository
>>> (svn based) then we can create cayenne project there and do the
>>> implementation.
>>> thanks.
>>> --
>>> *~Thanks & Regards~*
>>> P.A.Eshan Sudharaka
>>> Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
>>> University of Moratuwa
>>> Sri Lanka
>> --
>> Regards, Ksenia Khailenko
> --
> Regards, Ksenia Khailenko

Regards, Ksenia Khailenko

Regards, Ksenia Khailenko

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