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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: docbook
Date Sat, 28 May 2011 17:51:13 GMT
So I indeed decided to start with the top-down design. Now that we are thinking in terms of
"books", IMO our documentation is best split into 4 books, targeting different user audiences:

1. Beginners:
  "Getting Started with Cayenne"
  "Getting Started with Cayenne ROP (Remote Object Persistence)"

(Both are based on the current tutorials, and can be ported pretty much verbatim)

2. Existing Users:
  "Cayenne New Features and Upgrade Guide"

(A small book that briefly demonstrates new features and suggests an upgrade procedure)

3. All Cayenne Users:
  "Cayenne Guide"

(Combines current Cayenne Guide, ROP Guide, Modeler Guide in a single Cayenne reference book)

Since the last book is the biggest and most complex one, I figured I'd take a shot at creating
the chapters breakdown (committed). I significantly rearranged our current docs structure,
organizing them in a more logical manner, added DI and related configuration concepts, cut
down general design chapters, focusing on more practical aspects of the framework, merged
a few chapters together to avoid redundancy and confusion.

Now I guess we need to fill them with content (some written fro scratch, some - ported from

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