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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Oxygen Licenses (was: Re: Maven: Use of repository)
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 08:11:59 GMT
Hey guys,

good news: Oxygen will support Cayenne with free licenses. They just
need to know how many licenses we need. I now need to know who would
like to step up. Please give me your full name and your apache id, i
will then provide a list to the Oxygen guys who will in turn provide
you the license.

Of course we/you should decide first if we really need them :-)


On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 8:31 AM, Christian Grobmeier
<> wrote:
>>> we should start thinking about switching to the new ASF CMS.
>> I've spent a lot of time over the last year working with docbook and am
>> finding it really rather nice.
> I had a time where I compared Forrest with Docbook and finally found
> Docbook very interesting myself. It can be generated to plain html and
> one can send patches. This are my strongest requirements. Besides, its
> easily editable and quite easy to learn.
>> rather than crafting it into html around the design.
> This is also true for the CMS.
>> This means, amongst other things, that we can
>> easily produce pdf/html/etc formats. I have lots of examples if people are
>> interested in seeing it.
> Right this is a very interesting option. As I understood Cayenne is
> made to be easy for the end customer, a downloadable, complete PDF
> guide is probably not the badest idea.
>> The main downside, is that all the docs need to be rewritten. And that's
>> lots of lots of work. The best docbook editor available is Oxygen Author
>> (not a free product).
> I have asked the Oxygen guy if they are willing to give out a few
> licenses to Apache people. Lets see, sometimes they do things like
> that.
>> I'd be happy to set up the basic structure of the
>> docs, the build scripts and a few pages. But I'll not have the time to
>> rewrite all the pages. If the consensus is yes to docbook, I am happy to get
>> the first part done.
> If the first part done, I guess the rest comes step by step. My guts
> say docbook might be a very good choice
> There are also Apache Forrest, Mvn Site, Piwi etc available for such
> tasks. But I think Docbook is the most stable and powerful tool out
> there. Mvn site is good, but also very basic.
> Cheers


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