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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Dependencies and Maven mechanisms
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 14:39:31 GMT

I asked the following on the users list and bring it now to here. The
responses are from Andrus.

>>> cayenne-modeler-mac-ext  seems to depend on cayenne-di-unpublished.
>>>I was wondering about that project. Why is it named "unpublished"? Is
>>>it some kind of experimental trunk? And why is it in scope "provided"?

>>> We are trying to hide some internal modularity from the end users for simplicity
sake. And we are going  against Maven normal practices in doing that. So when building from
command line, we aggregate a bunch of unpublished modules in cayenne-server and cayenne-client
aggregate modules (aggregating their transitive deps as well). And that's what the end users
should include in their POMs.

>> OK. I don't see the real benefit. For me its ok to split the modules.
>> The enduser still can include cayenne-server and cayenne-client even
>> when those two jars have dependencies to f. e. cayenne-di.jar. I don't
>> think a user really cares how many cayenne jars are on his classpath.
>> Nor do I think he feels its easier to have 5 jars on the classpath or
>> to have 50 more classes in a single jar.
>> Hope I do not open a can of worms, but I would think its easy if
>> everything follows the standard practices. Now - as I want more of
>> Cayenne - I have the surprising problem to understand the speciality
>> of the cayenne build. That was one of mavens biggest pluses.


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