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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Maven: Use of repository
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:31:36 GMT
>> we should start thinking about switching to the new ASF CMS.
> I've spent a lot of time over the last year working with docbook and am
> finding it really rather nice.

I had a time where I compared Forrest with Docbook and finally found
Docbook very interesting myself. It can be generated to plain html and
one can send patches. This are my strongest requirements. Besides, its
easily editable and quite easy to learn.

> rather than crafting it into html around the design.

This is also true for the CMS.

> This means, amongst other things, that we can
> easily produce pdf/html/etc formats. I have lots of examples if people are
> interested in seeing it.

Right this is a very interesting option. As I understood Cayenne is
made to be easy for the end customer, a downloadable, complete PDF
guide is probably not the badest idea.

> The main downside, is that all the docs need to be rewritten. And that's
> lots of lots of work. The best docbook editor available is Oxygen Author
> (not a free product).

I have asked the Oxygen guy if they are willing to give out a few
licenses to Apache people. Lets see, sometimes they do things like

> I'd be happy to set up the basic structure of the
> docs, the build scripts and a few pages. But I'll not have the time to
> rewrite all the pages. If the consensus is yes to docbook, I am happy to get
> the first part done.

If the first part done, I guess the rest comes step by step. My guts
say docbook might be a very good choice

There are also Apache Forrest, Mvn Site, Piwi etc available for such
tasks. But I think Docbook is the most stable and powerful tool out
there. Mvn site is good, but also very basic.


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