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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject GSoC tasks?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 12:27:33 GMT
I am wondering what would be a good GSoC task (or tasks) this year? I don't see a good fit
on my list of tasks:

"Simple tasks" a 3.1 bugs that won't take 3 months to fix and anyways we want them fixed (and
will fix) before the summer. 

"Hard tasks" are hard because they involve serious design decisions that can only be made
by a person who both (a) gets the Cayenne way of doing persistence and (b) can communicate
with the community. An example would be a task to align EJBQL/SelectQuery into a single superquery
and implement support for generics (this is a pretty vast task that I didn't even want to
schedule for 3.1). Another example is support for inheritance. Past history shows that students
who are not already Cayenne hackers will have trouble doing it right.

"Maintenance tasks". We need to switch all unit tests to be based on injection. Skill-wise
this is an ok GSoC project. I am seeing two problems though - it may be deemed too boring
to potential candidates (??) and it will generate a flood of patches, so an in-depth review
may become problematic.

"Modeler tasks". Modeler tasks that require conceptual changes (such as an Eclipse plugin
or graph representation of the Model) have been our GSoC favorites, still none of that made
it to production. So if say I suggest a task of switching Modeler to OSGi plugin architecture,
is there a chance this will get done to a point that we can release it?

Any comments or better ideas?

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