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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: validation of related records
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 09:20:18 GMT

On Jan 28, 2011, at 8:29 AM, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:

> When you make a change to a relation, Cayenne validates the records at both ends of the
relation in total. So for example, creating a new Painting and relating it to an Artist will
cause the Artist validation to fire, even though no database columns in Artist were modified.

Yeah, this is annoying. I know what you mean. 

> The validation seems to fire across one relation, but not two, even if there is a flattened
relationship in between.

Are you saying a flattened relationship change does not cause a validation event?

> This is causing problems for us. What is the possibility that this could be disabled:
perhaps a flag per relation or per entity or even across the entire context or datamap.

I would also like to make validation configurable. I've been thinking for some time of implementing
validation as a DataChannelFilter tied to a @Validate annotation. This will allow to configure
validation strategy at the filter level and/or annotation parameters.

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