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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: (CAY-1210) mysql does not use index for case insensitive searches
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:28:49 GMT
On 11/01/11 8:58 PM, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> I am taking this to dev, as there's still no clarity in my mind on how to approach it.
> So the goal here is to optimize case-insensitive (CI) LIKE, and the issue is that MySQL
doesn't support indexes on transformed columns (e.g. "UPPER(column)"), while it does support
CI column collations, and hence - CI indexes and CI LIKE. Behavior of other DBs is unknown.
Oracle supports UPPER(column) indexes, but beyond that we haven't researched it.

I've looked at MS-SQL and Derby as well. Derby does not support functional indexes, such as
UPPER(column). MS-SQL does.

But even if the database does support that index, the problem is the the dba has to know to
add these additional indexes. Otherwise they might just blame Cayenne for being slow compared
to 'real' SQL.

> Suggested solutions come down to either mapping collation behavior per DbAttribute in
Cayenne, or trying to determine it in runtime via DB metadata.
> My concern with former is that Cayenne model will have too much information about the
underlying DB, not directly relevant to ORM. So if we are to go this way, we need to first
demonstrate how this info may be used with other databases. E.g if we find that LIKE can be
optimized for at least 2-3 other major DBs by taking collation case-sensitivity into account,
then this solution may be worth pursuing.

I am pretty sure this is useful for every DB out there. I've never come across one that will
optimise UPPER() searches without the user adding another index especially to support that.
If the collation is case-insensitive, then UPPER is simply making things slower without adding

Postgresql has a column type: citext. That is case insensitive text, just like the mysql collation.
UNIQUE constraints on that field work just the way you expect them to, and the same as mysql.

So another approach is that instead of thinking of this as 'collation', we can think of this
as a different field type in the modeler. VARCHAR and ciVARCHAR, etc. After all, 'case insensitive'
is just as important a concept as the difference between BLOB and TEXT.

> The later approach may incur some overhead. Each LIKE query will have to determine whether
the columns involved are CI or CS. One way to do it in MySQL is this:
> select collation(c1) from t1 limit 1;
> +-------------------+
> | collation(c1) |
> +-------------------+
> | utf8_general_ci   |
> +-------------------+
> 1 row in set (0.02 sec)
> I guess with metadata caching, the overhead may be reduced to a bearable minimum. Not
sure if that's the easiest approach?

My gut feeling is that this is a decision that the architecture designer makes when creating
their model, not a by-product of deployment. That is, it should be explicitly set in the model
and the appropriate database collation or field types set when forward-engineering the db.

Having said that, a "force all columns as case sensitive" switch in the DataNode setup could
give the sysadmin the choice to force UPPER back into the SQL at the risk of slowing things


> Also maybe there are other ways to solve this problem (maybe even outside Cayenne, just
like that "UPPER(column)" index idea)?
> Thoughts?
> Andrus
> On Jan 10, 2011, at 11:45 AM, Ari Maniatis (JIRA) wrote:
>>     [
>> Ari Maniatis commented on CAY-1210:
>> -----------------------------------
>> I'd like to solve this one since it also affects other database types and is a bit
of a performance issue for us right now. What about this as a solution:
>> * Add new column to Cayenne modeler in the dbAttribute called "case sensitive". It
is a checkbox which is ticked by default (to preserve existing behaviour).
>> * Change the SQL generator to not spit out UPPER for those fields
>>> mysql does not use index for case insensitive searches
>>> ------------------------------------------------------
>>>                 Key: CAY-1210
>>>                 URL:
>>>             Project: Cayenne
>>>          Issue Type: Improvement
>>>          Components: Database integration
>>>            Reporter: Ari Maniatis
>>>            Assignee: Ari Maniatis
>>>             Fix For: 3.1M1
>>> When performing a case insensitive search Cayenne spits out SQL which looks like
>>> SELECT .... WHERE upper(name) LIKE upper("fred")
>>> This prevents any index being used for the search. Since mysql already performed
case insensitive searches on text fields we need to suppress the 'upper' functions being used
in these situations. All searches on these fields are already case insensitive.
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Aristedes Maniatis
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