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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Will tag 3.1M1
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 03:45:30 GMT

I am going to create a release tag for 3.1M1, which of course will be an early alpha release.
I think it is ready to be released to a wider community, so that people can experiment migrating
their projects to the new format, play with DI, and enjoy HSQLDB-free Modeler preferences.
In fact I am planning to upgrade my own production to 3.1M1 shortly.

My only showstopper for M1 was the lack of new documentation, however at this early stage
of 3.1 this may be ok. I documented everything I could in UPGRADE-NOTES.txt, and will probably
take a pass over the existing docs and mark obsolete sections as deprecated (or remove some
of them).

My immediate motivation to do M1 was related to CAY-1508 and CAY-1509 tasks - there will be
some experimentation going on with those, so I want to have a cutoff point before I commit
my implementation for those. (I could've used a branch of course, but since we are ready to
release, why bother).

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