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From Andrei Ionescu <>
Subject Re: Adapting Cayenne to GAE/J
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 16:38:25 GMT

>> It looks like this was done by replacing calls to the file system with
>> in-memory implementations + an init filter to be used for GAE/J,
>> so maybe some similar approach would work for Cayenne too?
> It should.   File system dependencies are the primary issue with
> getting GAE apps working.   I think H2 Database now works under GAE,
> so that would probably be a good starting DB to be testing Cayenne
> against in that environment.
I guess I forgot about threading as there are some GAE/J restrictions 
there too:

Other frameworks solved this by using some java.util.concurrent.* 
alternatives, as these classes are whitelisted:


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