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From Andrei Ionescu <>
Subject Re: Adapting Cayenne to GAE/J
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 09:52:35 GMT
> I know some folks who were looking it this privately, but AFAIK no code has come out of
this effort yet, so yes,
> this task is up for grabs and it would be cool if someone makes it happen.
Bob Schellink managed to update Click to make it run on GAE/J, and it 
would be really cool to have Cayenne running there too, since for many 
projects Click+Cayenne is the default choice.
See more here how it's done:
and some live Click examples running on GAE/J here:

It looks like this was done by replacing calls to the file system with 
in-memory implementations + an init filter to be used for GAE/J,
so maybe some similar approach would work for Cayenne too?


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