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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] 3.0.1 - reloaded
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2010 17:53:37 GMT
signatures match:  yes
checksums match:  yes
source included: yes
source builds and tests pass: yes
source compares with (revision 990388):
yes, as far as I can tell.

diff -rq cayenne-3.0.1-src/ cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1/ | grep -v ': .svn' |
grep -v ': .cvsignore'
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//assembly/src/main: assembly
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//build-tools/maven-cayenne-build-plugin/src:
Only in
Guide: DataViews
Only in
Guide/Deployment: Deployment with Ant
Only in
Guide/Design: Object Caching
Only in
Guide: Quick Start
Only in
Object Persistence Guide: Remote Object Persistence Quick Start
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//docs/doc/src/main/resources: schema
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//docs: quick-start
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//docs: quick-start-rop
Only in cayenne-3.0.1-src/: eclipse
Only in
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//framework/cayenne-jdk1.6-unpublished/src:
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//itests/itest-common/src/main: resources
Only in cayenne-3.0.1-src/: LICENSE.txt
Only in cayenne-3.0.1-src/: NOTICE.txt
Only in cayenne-svn-tags-3.0.1//tutorials/tutorial/src/main/java/org:

comparison of builds of generic assembly jars from svn and from source
release package are equivalent (except build dates): yes
comparison of builds of generic assembly jars from source release and maven
install build from source release are equivalent (except build dates): yes

LICENSE file: yes
NOTICE file: yes

We still don't have any instructions for how to build the source in an
obvious place in the source page -- I had to go to our new web page.
Probably doesn't have to hold up the release, but it should be dealt with.

>From a PMC point of view: +1

>From an end-user of the src/generic-binary packages: +0 -- Runtime untested
beyond the basic tests during build as I don't have any Cayenne 3.0
projects.  I did find it confusing that we have the modeler jar in the lib
directory, but the one that's actually runnable is in the bin directory.
Probably just the wrong expectations on my part, though.  Trivial issue
which probably doesn't need to be addressed.

Modeler ran fine against the tutorial project cayenne.xml.  I didn't have
time to go through the documented tutorial.   I also didn't see any quick
way to run the provided tutorial to use that as a test, although with more
time, I could have figured out how to load it into Eclipse and configured it
to run on jetty.

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 3:00 AM, Andrus Adamchik <>wrote:

> So here is a new set of 3.0.1 release files, with a source file, and binary
> files built from that source (and not from SVN or git). The only noteable
> difference is that there's no "src" folder in the binary distros, making
> them ~2M smaller. NOTICE file was fixed as well.
> Please evaluate and cast your votes.
> Andrus

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