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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release 3.0.1
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 18:08:53 GMT

On Aug 16, 2010, at 6:32 PM, Mike Kienenberger wrote:

> Every ASF release must contain a source package, which must be
> sufficient for a user to build and test the release provided they have
> access to the appropriate platform and tools. The source package must
> be cryptographically signed by the Release Manager with a detached
> signature; and that package together with its signature must be tested
> prior to voting +1 for release. Folks who vote +1 for release may
> offer their own cryptographic signature to be concatenated with the
> detached signature file (at the Release Manager's discretion) prior to
> release.

Actually, re-reading the above and it doesn't state a need of a  
working pom.xml or build.xml, just the source that is matching the  
binaries. In this respect we don't violate this. We do not provide a  
buildfile, but a Java developer will be able to build the source  
regardless (e.g. by writing build.xml himself, or importing sources in  


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