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From Evgeny Ryabitskiy <>
Subject Cayenne 3.0 cache RefreshQuery for NamedQuery
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 09:56:19 GMT
Hello 2 everyone!

I was studing Group Cache stuff. And it's pretty cool!
Only thing I am missing is marking some NamedQuery as Group Refresh Query.

It can be useful for this case:

I have 2 selects (NamedQueries) for table Artists, which have SHARED
cache policy:

MyArtistsSelectQuery1 from group ArtistsTableGroup:
select * from Artists where isModern = 0

MyArtistsSelectQuery2 from group ArtistsTableGroup:
select * from Artists where isModern = 1

And one insert:
insert into Artists values (....) .....

Select NamedQueries are marked by properties in XML
		<property name="cayenne.GenericSelectQuery.cacheStrategy"
		<property name="cayenne.GenericSelectQuery.cacheGroups"
And it's cool!!!

So, I would like to mark insert query as trigger for cache group
removingin SHARED cache, like implicit execution of:
after successful insert.

I haven't find this feature. Am I missed something or shall we add one
more JIRA issue for 3.1?


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