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From Joseph Schmidt <>
Subject Re: wiki pages design
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 10:25:12 GMT
>>>> If you decide to use Docbook, I would gladly help with the conversion
>>>> of the Cayenne documentation.
>>> Before we decide, I guess somebody has to build a prototype showing how
>>> that would work using a few pages from the User Guide.
>> May I get an export of the WIKI content that might be desired to be
>> converted to Docbook? Confluence has this functionality.
>> I can see the WIKI pages (individually), but I don't have the rights to
>> export them myself as a package :(.
> I'll email them to you now. They come out as XML, so maybe you could
> write an XSLT to convert to docbook.
Even if Confluence is very cool, we abandoned Confluence in many 
internal projects because it was not possible to export the content as a 
set of WIKI pages (in WIKI format in a ZIP) - as it is possible with 
most other WIKI software.

That XML backup is very convoluted, and mostly re-usable only in 
Confluence, but not when you upgrade over more versions: - e.g. what you 
export with Confluence 2.10.3 Build (what Apache is using now), can't be 
imported in the latest version 3.1.x - because it say's that it can't 
import individual "Spaces" :).


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