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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject CM Inheritance tree view , entity cross-linking
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 12:01:32 GMT
Just had to debug a fairly large model that I am not intimately  
familiar with, that used inheritance (entity inheritance as well as  
multiple custom superclasses) and it was rather hard to understand the  
overall structure.

Wonder if we should create an alternative tree view that presents  
entities organized by their inheritance (similar to Eclipse  
"hierarchy" view)? Switching between the default and inheritance view  
can be done via tabs or toolbar buttons. Non-persistent superclasses  
can still be shown as disabled class nodes.

Another idea is to allow quick movement between DbEntities and  
ObjEntities. This can be achieved by providing extra links (maybe via  
right click? or an extra icon next to the main tree icon). This is  
applicable to both Default and Inheritance views.

The tree structure for the inheritance view can look like this  
(ObjEntities are in mixed case, DbEntities - in uppercase, non-entity  
superclasses are in <>) :

       Artist (ARTIST)
       Painting (PAINTING)
       Person (PERSON)
          Manager (PERSON)
       MyEntity1 (MYENTITY1)
    ARTIST (Artist)
    PAINTING (Painting)
    PERSON (Person, Manager)
    MYENTITY1 (MyEntity1)

Should help in quick navigation and structure visualization...



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