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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Hudson setup status
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 20:28:22 GMT
Looks like I was able to fix configurations for Cayenne-trunk and  
Cayenne-30. So now we have two fully working builds, and can improve  
upon the existing baseline setup. A few comments explaining what I had  
to fix:

1. I was wrong about the "Ubuntu" group including Hadoop* machines.  
Ubuntu = minerva + vesta. So both build configurations are explicitly  
clustered across the group.

2. Both minerva and vesta contain identical ~hudson/.cayenne/ files. We need to manually keep those in sync.  
At the same time we don't really need one on

3. Cayenne-30 does not support cayenneTestConnection property and I am  
not comfortable patching it from trunk at this point. And as Ari  
noticed, using cayenne.test.connection notation doesn't play well with  
Hudson (I can't imagine why, but I can confirm this finding). As a  
result we can't run 3.0 on Hudson with Derby or H2. So I removed those  
options. Now it runs with Java 5 & 6 on HSQLDB only.

4. Cayenne-trunk on the other hand can support specific DB's (see #2  
above), and so it does. Derby runs without test failures BTW. However  
I've seen occasional test failures that can be attributed to race  
conditions in the tests (those happen on local machines as well). One  
day we are going to track them down.

5. Builds themselves are pretty fast. Usually the slowest step is SVN  


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