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From Robert Zeigler <>
Subject Re: Accessing object metadata and other utilities
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 11:58:40 GMT
CayUtils? I'm good with Cayenne, too.


On Nov 24, 2009, at 11/245:53 AM , Andrus Adamchik wrote:

> [As suggested in the parent thread, forking a new thread]
> On Nov 24, 2009, at 1:41 PM, Robert Zeigler wrote:
>> I'll second that. I ran into a very similar use case yesterday in a  
>> hibernate project... I was wanting to get at hibernate's version of  
>> ClassDescription, and it took me forever to track down the right  
>> way to do it; once I knew how, it was simple enough, and just a few  
>> lines of code, but I fear the above would cause a new Cayenne user  
>> the same level of frustration I experienced yesterday with  
>> Hibernate. ;)
> I wouldn't mind if we add methods for ClassDescriptor lookups to the  
> DataObjectUtils. BTW PersistentObject defines 'getObjEntity' method.  
> I'd say we replace that with 'getClassDescriptor' and move it to a  
> utility class.
> While we are at it, maybe rename DataObjectUtils to something more  
> appropriate and shorter. CayenneUtil? Cayenne? ("Util" is already  
> taken, and I'd rather it identify the origin of the framework).
> I sort of like calling it just "Cayenne" (for the same reasons of  
> user simplicity), but then it implies this is a central class in the  
> framework, and has more than just lookup-by-pk or give-me-metadata  
> methods.
> Andrus

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