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From Dirk Olmes <>
Subject Re: [suggestion] unmodifiable toMany lists
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 08:57:19 GMT
Lachlan Deck wrote:
> Hi there,
> given some stuff we've seen in our own code (and general better
> practices for dealing with collections in general) I thought I'd suggest
> the following changes for the default cayenne entity templates:
> - private ivars rather than protected (if they're not already)
> - return Collections.unmodifiableList(foo) rather than returning the
> actual list that's modified via addTo/removeFrom etc.
> Thoughts? Philosophies?

There's actually two schools of thoughts here:

- lock down access to the collections as you propose. However, given
that you cannot detect if a Collection is immutable or not (thanks to
Collections' broken interface design, think of NSArray vs
NSMutableArray) this is only a weak workaround.

- implement custom collections that are ObjEntity aware and "do the
right thing" when touched.

I haven't looked at the Cayenne source for quite some time now but IIRC
the code currently does the second option above ...


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