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From Kevin Menard <>
Subject Re: [OT] Java & Leopard
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 19:27:49 GMT
Java 1.5.

Mostly things just hang.  Running "ant --help" never finishes.  IntelliJ
locks up.  It takes 10 min. to generate the javadocs for Cayenne.  On top of
that, there seems to be no real way to kill the processes.  And reboots
won't work.  I've probably held in the power button to shut my machine down
30 times in the last two days.

Now, I did do an upgrade rather than a fresh install, so that could be a
contributing factor.  But, research into the issue indicates a lot of people
are having difficulty with Java.

This is Java 5, btw, which is the default version in Leopard.


On 11/7/07 2:20 PM, "Michael Gentry" <> wrote:

> I just recently got a replacement system, but it came with Tiger.
> I've gotten the upgrade DVD now, but was going to wait until 10.5.1
> was out.  What kind or problems are you running into?  Is it with Java
> 1.4 or 1.5?
> Thanks,
> /dev/mrg
> On Nov 7, 2007 1:36 PM, Kevin Menard <> wrote:
>> Just a head's up for the Mac users . . . I've been less than pleased
>> with the experience of using Java on Leopard.  I've had a lot of
>> problems with IntelliJ and even running ant and maven from a command
>> line.  So much so that I'm likely to just use my bootcamp partition
>> until I can get around to reinstalling Tiger.
>> As always, YMMV, but just thought I'd throw out that caveat.
>> Kevin


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