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From Kevin Menard <>
Subject Re: [JIRA] Commented: (CAY-915) Add ability to generate a common interface for client and server classes
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 22:28:06 GMT
On 11/6/07 5:11 PM, "Aristedes Maniatis" <> wrote:

>> So, ultimately, I'm working towards a single hierarchy.  There's a
>> lot of
>> code there I'm not familiar with though and if the interface
>> approach is
>> incremental and still useful after the fact for certain use cases,
>> then
>> great for me :-)
> My concern is that this might be the wrong path to go down if we are
> ultimately aiming for a common superclass PersistentObject. But your
> first comment made it seem like there were reasons to not aim for
> that. For the particular case you need this for now, could you do
> what you want with just changes to the velocity templates and nothing
> else? I know we've hacked ours to provide quite a few extra features.

True, but if we are going to keep the option of having different
hierarchies, then it could still be worthwhile to generate a common set of
interfaces for them.  Maybe not so much to make the effort worthwhile

I'm also open to the notion that I may be going about this the wrong way.
I'm not a velocity expert, so maybe it's possible to do this otherwise.
What I was shooting for was to have the generator create the interface based
upon the ObjEntity.  The superclasses in each hierarchy would implement the
interface.  Then most code could just work with that interface.

If it's possible to achieve that without the approach I'm taking, I'm all


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