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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Borked dependency graph?
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2006 17:38:24 GMT
All of those artifacts are our "optional dependencies", i.e. they are  
required on compilation, but not required in runtime for 99% of  
users. IIRC they were marked as "provided" to prevent Cayenne users  
to suck up the entire ibiblio repo on their local drive :-)

But this is not ideal of course. I guess we should remove "provided"  
from the top level and add them at the assembly level. In other words  
we need new assembly artifacts that build "cayenne-nodeps.jar" and  
"cayenne-client-nodeps.jar" with POMs that exclude optional  
dependencies. Also we will need to ensure that they are excluded from  
current modeler assemblies (or the Modeler jar size will jump to 20  
MB :-)).


On Oct 1, 2006, at 9:50 AM, Kevin Menard wrote:
> I'm working on some Cayenne plugins for maven that should hopefully  
> make working with the two much nicer.  I'm been having a hell of a  
> time with classpath-related issues.  I just cracked open the parent  
> POM and see some dependencies are listed as being provided that we  
> directly rely on.  Could someone please cast some light on this  
> issue?  My guess is that they're listed as provided because some  
> other dependency has a transitive dependency on the same libs.  If  
> this is the case, I propose we change this so that the dependency  
> graph reflects what Cayenne actually depends on.  The maven book  
> describes ways for handling this.  Incidentally, changing those  
> libs from "provided" to "compile" (default) fixes my classpath  
> woes.  So, there may be a maven-related bug here, too, since  
> transitive dependencies are supposed to be followed.
> Any insight would be appreciated, since I missed most of the maven  
> migration.
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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