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Subject svn commit: r1407208 - /cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/release-guide.mdtext
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 18:30:05 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Thu Nov  8 18:30:05 2012
New Revision: 1407208

cleaning up old stuff an inaccuracies


Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/release-guide.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/release-guide.mdtext (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/release-guide.mdtext Thu Nov  8 18:30:05 2012
@@ -1,32 +1,25 @@
 Title: Release Guide
 This page describes the steps that a Cayenne Release Manager needs to
 perform to prepare a release. The specifics of Cayenne release process is
 that we are publishing both downloadable assemblies and Maven artifacts, so
 we have to build and publish things twice. Both forms of Cayenne release
 are also available for evaluation during the vote.
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-Prerequisites"></a>
 ## Prerequisites
 * A release manager must have his public key appended to the KEYS file
 checked in to SVN and the key published on one of the public key servers.
 More info can be found at [](
 * Make sure "apache-releases" repository is configured in
 *~/.m2/settings.xml* and an appropriate password is setup. See [this page](
  for details.
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-PreparingSources"></a>
 ## Preparing Sources
-* Export and commit the latest documentation per [Documentation Guidelines](documentation-guidelines.html).
 * Edit UPGRADE-NOTES.txt if there is anything to add there.
-* Check Sources Compliance with ARAT. [ARAT](
- (A Release Audit Tool) is a Java tool written by Robert Burrell Donkin for
-checking the release files for ASF licensing compliance. To run ARAT,
-download the jar _(we are using version 0.5.1)_, and run it against
+* Check Sources Compliance with [RAT]( To run RAT,
+download the jar, and run it against
 unpacked distro (or the release tag), read the report and fix any issues.
         cd cayenne
@@ -47,7 +40,7 @@ development, SVN checkout is still neede
         mvn release:clean
         mvn release:prepare -DpreparationGoals="clean install" -DautoVersionSubmodules=true
-    A problem [described in the documentation](
+A problem [described in the documentation](
  consistently occurs here ... if you are in Europe: "If you're located in
 Europe then release:prepare may fail with 'Unable to tag SCM' and ' svn: No
 such revision X '. Wait 10 seconds and run mvn release:prepare again." It
@@ -62,7 +55,6 @@ repository that was just created during 
 be used by the people voting on Cayenne. It may look like this:

-<a name="ReleaseGuide-ReleasingDownloadableAssemblies"></a>
 ## Releasing Downloadable Assemblies
 * Switch to the release tag created above in SVN or Git.
@@ -72,8 +64,7 @@ in the next steps) :
         mvn clean install -Passembly,src
-* Build binary assemblies. Take
-*"assembly/target/cayenne-XXX-src.tar.gz"*, unpack it somewhere, and
+* Build binary assemblies. Take *"assembly/target/cayenne-XXX-src.tar.gz"*, unpack it somewhere,
 perform binary builds from the unpacked directory (NOT FROM SVN OR GIT
 CHECKOUT). _Release manager may skip running unit tests from here, as shown
 below, although release evaluators should use the src assembly for [unit testing](running-unit-tests.html)
@@ -89,7 +80,7 @@ below, although release evaluators shoul
 * Signing assemblies
-    For more info visit [this page](
+For more info visit [this page](
 . Release manager key must be in the project KEYS file. Signing is a manual
 procedure not included in the Ant or Maven script. Here is how it might
 work ("-u" option can be omitted if you have only one GPG key):
@@ -100,7 +91,6 @@ work ("-u" option can be omitted if you 
 * Assemblies, signature and checksum files are uploaded to the release
 manager's web directory on **.
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-Voting"></a>
 ## Voting
 * The vote is started on the dev mailing list.
@@ -123,7 +113,6 @@ running them manually or verifying that 
 the equivalent source). 
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-PublishingtheRelease"></a>
 ## Publishing the Release
 * Publish Maven artifacts. Go back to [](,
@@ -134,8 +123,7 @@ select the staging repo and click "Relea
         $ ssh
         % cp /path/to/release/artifacts /www/{noformat}
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-AftertheRelease"></a>
 ## After the release
 * [Tell Jira](
@@ -156,7 +144,6 @@ add any new features
 * Send a notification email to
 * Update [](
-<a name="ReleaseGuide-Reference"></a>
 ## Reference:
 * Apache release publishing:

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