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Subject svn commit: r1405341 - in /cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010: ./ 11/ 11/29/ 11/29/cayenne-at-the-sydney-apache-unconference.mdtext 12/ 12/02/ 12/02/cayenne-31-its-alive.mdtext
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 14:12:12 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Sat Nov  3 14:12:11 2012
New Revision: 1405341

porting past news articles

(news not on the home page)


Added: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/11/29/cayenne-at-the-sydney-apache-unconference.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/11/29/cayenne-at-the-sydney-apache-unconference.mdtext
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/11/29/cayenne-at-the-sydney-apache-unconference.mdtext
Sat Nov  3 14:12:11 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+Title: Cayenne at the Sydney Apache unconference
+## Cayenne at the Sydney Apache unconference
+An invitation to the Apache Sydney Unconference: 11 December 2010
+On Saturday 11th December, the Apache Software Foundation and the University of Sydney are
holding an open source themed Unconference. This is an event where the theme is set in advance,
but the sessions to be presented are only decided on at the event, based on those who come
along (sometimes also known as a BarCamp). They provide an excellent opportunity to learn,
present and discuss, and offer a chance for everyone to participate. The main themes for the
Sydney Unconference will be Open Source, Open Development and the software produced by the
Apache Software Foundation. There will be talks covering a wide range of topics, with several
tracks in parallel to choose between.
+There will be attendees from industry, university and Apache members from around the world.
+For details or to register for the Apache Sydney Unconference visit the [website and signup
+Ari Maniatis from the Apache Cayenne PMC is part of the organising team for this event and
would love to talk to any Cayenne user.
\ No newline at end of file

Added: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/12/02/cayenne-31-its-alive.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/12/02/cayenne-31-its-alive.mdtext (added)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/2010/12/02/cayenne-31-its-alive.mdtext Sat Nov  3 14:12:11
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+Title:  Cayenne 3.1 - it's alive!
+## Cayenne 3.1 - it's alive!
+Cayenne 3 isn't resting on its laurels. It is still growing and developing, and today we
are pleased to announce the first milestone of version 3.1. This is not a beta and 3.1 is
not yet feature-complete, but it gives users an insight into the direction Cayenne is heading
in and an opportunity to give us feedback.
+The key features added to 3.1 so far are:
+* Built-in Dependency Injection container, statics-free and singleton-free runtime.
+* Simplified single-domain projects.
+* CayenneModeler preferences that don't get corrupted and don't vanish.
+* Property-based DataSource configuration (killing JNDI hack).
+We encourage users to experiment with upgrading their projects to 3.1, but also warn of a
few known issues that we are working to address, more specifically: [CAY-1519](,
[CAY-1515](, [CAY-1516](
+Download Apache Cayenne 3.1M1 from [here](/download.html)

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