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Subject svn commit: r1404337 - in /cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30: tutorial-java-classes.html tutorial-objectcontext.html tutorial-persistent-objects.html tutorial-selectquery.html
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 20:37:35 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Wed Oct 31 20:37:34 2012
New Revision: 1404337



Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-java-classes.html
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-java-classes.html (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-java-classes.html Wed Oct 31 20:37:34 2012
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
 Title: 3.0 » Tutorial Java Classes
+<h2>Tutorial Java Classes</h2>
 	<P>Here we'll generate the Java classes from the model that was created in the previous
section. CayenneModeler can be used to also generate the database schema, but since we specified
&quot;CreateIfNoSchemaStrategy&quot; earlier when we created a DataNode, we'll skip
the database schema step. Still be aware that you can do it if you need to via <TT>&quot;Tools
&gt; Create Database Schema&quot;</TT>.</P>
-<H3><A name="TutorialJavaClasses-CreatingJavaClasses"></A>Creating Java
+<H3>Creating Java Classes</H3>
 	<LI>Select <TT>&quot;Tools &gt; Generate Classes&quot;</TT>

Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-objectcontext.html
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-objectcontext.html (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-objectcontext.html Wed Oct 31 20:37:34 2012
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
 Title: 3.0 &raquo; Tutorial ObjectContext
+<h2>Tutorial ObjectContext</h2>
 	<P>In this section we'll write a simple main class to run our application, and get
a brief introduction to Cayenne ObjectContext.</P>
 <H3><A name="TutorialObjectContext-CreatingtheMainClass"></A>Creating the
Main Class</H3>

Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-persistent-objects.html
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-persistent-objects.html (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-persistent-objects.html Wed Oct 31 20:37:34
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
 Title: 3.0 &raquo; Tutorial Persistent Objects
+<h2>Tutorial Persistent Objects</h2>
 	<P>In this section we'll learn about persistent objects, how to customize them and
how to create and save them in DB.</P>
-<H3><A name="TutorialPersistentObjects-InspectingandCustomizingPersistentObjects"></A>Inspecting
and Customizing Persistent Objects</H3>
+<H3>Inspecting and Customizing Persistent Objects</H3>
 <P>Persistent classes in Cayenne implement a <A href="dataobjects.html" title="DataObjects">DataObject
interface</A>. If you inspect any of the classes <A href="tutorial-java-classes.html"
title="Tutorial Java Classes">generated earlier</A> in this tutorial (e.g. <TT>org.example.cayenne.persistent.Artist</TT>),
you'll see that it extends a class with the name that starts with underscore (<TT></TT>),
which in turn extends from <TT>org.apache.cayenne.CayenneDataObject</TT>. Splitting
each persistent class into user-customizable subclass (Xyz) and a generated superclass (_Xyz)
is a useful technique to avoid overwriting the custom code when refreshing classes from the
mapping model.</P>

Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-selectquery.html
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-selectquery.html (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/doc30/tutorial-selectquery.html Wed Oct 31 20:37:34 2012
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
 Title: 3.0 &raquo; Tutorial SelectQuery
+<h2>Tutorial SelectQuery</h2>
 	<P>This section shows how to select objects from the database using SelectQuery. </P>
-<H3><A name="TutorialSelectQuery-IntroducingSelectQuery"></A>Introducing
+<H3>Introducing SelectQuery</H3>
 <P>It was shown before how to <A href="tutorial-persistent-objects.html" title="Tutorial
Persistent Objects">persist new objects</A>. Cayenne <A href="queries.html" title="Queries">queries</A>
are used to access already saved objects. The primary query type used for selecting objects
is <A href="selectquery.html" title="SelectQuery">SelectQuery</A>. It can be mapped
in CayenneModeler or created via the API. We'll use the later approach in this section. We
don't have too much data in the database yet, but we can still demonstrate the main principles

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