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Subject svn commit: r1404335 - in /cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content: cayenne-management-team.mdtext developer-guide.mdtext how_development_happens.mdtext
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 20:19:00 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Wed Oct 31 20:19:00 2012
New Revision: 1404335

a few lose things

      - copied, changed from r1404334, cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/cayenne-management-team.mdtext

Modified: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/developer-guide.mdtext
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/developer-guide.mdtext (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/developer-guide.mdtext Wed Oct 31 20:19:00 2012
@@ -6,12 +6,10 @@ development procedures, e.g. how to obta
 it, run unit tests, etc. "Developers" in this context are people who
 contribute code to Cayenne. If you downloaded Cayenne to use it in a Java
 application and do not intend to submit patches or extension, this
-information is probably of no use to you. You may want to check out the [User Guide](caydoc:documentation.html)
- instead. 
+information is probably of no use to you. Consult Cayenne user docs instead.
 ### How development happens
-* [Cayenne management team](cayenne-management-team.html)
-* How do I join?
+* [How development happens](how_development_happens.html)
 ### Getting started
 * [Source Code Access](code-repository.html)

Copied: cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/how_development_happens.mdtext (from r1404334, cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/cayenne-management-team.mdtext)
--- cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/cayenne-management-team.mdtext (original)
+++ cayenne/site/cms/trunk/content/how_development_happens.mdtext Wed Oct 31 20:19:00 2012
@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
-Title: Cayenne management team
+Title: How development happens
+## How development happens
 There are several levels of access to the Cayenne project and source.
 1. Documentation only access. Access to the Confluence system for creating
@@ -18,7 +22,6 @@ For further details consult the official
 In addition to the general Apache responsibilities, this is what is
 expected of everyone with privileges within the Cayenne project.
-<a name="Cayennemanagementteam-Contribution"></a>
 ### Contribution
 Contribution to the project can take many forms. Updating documentation and
 helping users on the mailing lists are just as important as writing code.
@@ -26,7 +29,6 @@ Everyone here is a volunteer, so quantit
 important factor. Help when you can, but let the rest of the community know
 if you will be out of action for an extended period.
-<a name="Cayennemanagementteam-Mailinglists"></a>
 ### Mailing lists
 Cayenne takes special pride in the support we give to users of the
 software. That means being helpful to end users where you have the time and
@@ -36,7 +38,6 @@ pleasant places to be for all users rega
 skills or technical experience. When things might go off the rails, a
 gentle nudge back in the right direction is all that is needed.
-<a name="Cayennemanagementteam-Voting"></a>
 ### Voting
 Each release should be voted on by the committers and PMC members. Even
 though committer votes cannot count officially by Apache rules, they will

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