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Subject svn commit: r901498 - in /cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin: site-sync
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 02:00:25 GMT
Author: amaniatis
Date: Thu Jan 21 02:00:22 2010
New Revision: 901498

Clean up site deployment script and add a new Javadoc deployment script which pulls content
from Hudson.

    cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/   (with props)

Added: cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/
--- cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/ (added)
+++ cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/ Thu Jan 21 02:00:22 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
+# This script will check the Apache Hudson server for a new
+# version of the Cayenne javadocs.
+# If a newer version is found, the full documentation will be deployed to
+# the Apache Cayenne website.
+# To run with crontab, use something like this.
+# 30 0 * * 1 $HOME/ >> $HOME/deploy_dev_docs.log 2>&1
+# This will run the script every Monday 30 minutes past midnight (server time),
+# and all output from the script will be appended to the log file.
+# Parameters
+# Applications
+WGET="/usr/local/bin/wget --no-parent -N -l inf -r --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=4 -p
--reject robots.txt -nv -e robots=off"
+# Get the html
+cd $DEPLOY_DIR/doc/api
+$WGET $JAVADOC_SOURCE/Cayenne-doc/javadoc
+cd $DEPLOY_DIR/doc30/api
+$WGET $JAVADOC_SOURCE/Cayenne-doc30/javadoc
+# Throw away pages with search parameters, since we can't tell wget to ignore them
+rm -f $DEPLOY_DIR/doc/api/index.html\?*
+rm -f $DEPLOY_DIR/doc30/api/index.html\?*
+# Fix ownership and permissions
+chmod -R a=xr,ug+w $DEPLOY_DIR/doc/api
+chgrp -R $GROUP $DEPLOY_DIR/doc/api
+chmod -R a=xr,ug+w $DEPLOY_DIR/doc30/api
+chgrp -R $GROUP $DEPLOY_DIR/doc30/api

Propchange: cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/
    svn:executable = *

Modified: cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/site-sync
--- cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/site-sync (original)
+++ cayenne/site/trunk/tlp-site/bin/site-sync Thu Jan 21 02:00:22 2010
@@ -1,38 +1,44 @@
+RSYNC="/usr/local/bin/rsync -r"
 # CAYSITE goes to root
-/usr/local/bin/rsync -r /www/confluence-exports/CAYSITE/ /www/
 # Doc spaces go in separate directories
-/usr/local/bin/rsync -r /www/confluence-exports/CAYDOC/ /www/
-/usr/local/bin/rsync -r /www/confluence-exports/CAYDOC12/ /www/
-/usr/local/bin/rsync -r /www/confluence-exports/CAYDOC20/ /www/
 /usr/local/bin/rsync -r /www/confluence-exports/CAYDOC30/ /www/
 # Manually remove pages deleted from Confluence as they still reside on the Confluence autoexport
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
+rm $WWW_DEST/persistence-caching-and-mapping-for-java.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/subversion-access.html
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm /www/
-rm -rf /www/
-rm -rf /www/
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/acknowledgments.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/cayennemodeler-and-eclipse.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/customizing.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/requirements.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/user-guide.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/dataview-concepts.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/dataviews-in-action.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/dataviews.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/dvmodeler-gui-tool.html
+rm $WWW_DEST/doc/swing-applications.html
+rm -rf $WWW_DEST/doc/
+rm -rf $WWW_DEST/doc/
 # Link rewriting:
 #  * Fix relative links - confluence space is always one level deep, so use -depth 1
 #  * Rename CAYDOC -> doc
-find /www/ -depth 1 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\.\.\/CAYDOC/doc/g;
-find /www/ -depth 2 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\/CAYDOC/\/doc/g;
+find $WWW_DEST/ -depth 1 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\.\.\/CAYDOC/doc/g; print;'
+find $WWW_DEST/ -depth 2 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\/CAYDOC/\/doc/g; print;'
 # News are at level 4, so there should be no conflict with the rules above
-find /www/ -depth 1 -type d |grep "20[0-9][0-9]$" |xargs find |grep "\.html$"
|xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\/CAYDOC/\/doc/g; print;'
+find $WWW_DEST/ -depth 1 -type d |grep "20[0-9][0-9]$" |xargs find |grep "\.html$" |xargs
perl -n -i -e 's/\/CAYDOC/\/doc/g; print;'
 # References to CAYSITE from CAYDOC*
-find /www/ -depth 2 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\.\.\/CAYSITE/../g;
+find $WWW_DEST/ -depth 2 -name "*.html" |xargs perl -n -i -e 's/\.\.\/CAYSITE/../g; print;'

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