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Subject svn commit: r410167 - /incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne-site/xdocs/xml/how-can-i-help.xml
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 01:01:25 GMT
Author: aadamchik
Date: Mon May 29 18:01:25 2006
New Revision: 410167

updating outdated site info


Modified: incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne-site/xdocs/xml/how-can-i-help.xml
--- incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne-site/xdocs/xml/how-can-i-help.xml (original)
+++ incubator/cayenne/main/trunk/cayenne-site/xdocs/xml/how-can-i-help.xml Mon May 29 18:01:25
@@ -22,40 +22,10 @@
-        <p>If you want to become a contributor, first you should probably subscribe
-        <a href="">Cayenne Developer Mailing
+        <p>If you want to contribute to Cayenne, first you should probably subscribe
+        <a href="">developer mailing list</a>
         to see what issues are discussed and to communicate with the project team.
-        Normally code and documentation contributions are made via patches sent
-        to developer list. If your contributions are significant and you are willing 
-        to join the core team, current committers can vote to give you CVS write access 
-        and other committer rights.</p>
-        <subsection name="How to Create a Patch">
-        <p>Preferred way to create a patch is to <a href="">check

-        out Cayenne source tree</a> via anonymous CVS,
-        make changes to the local copy, and then run the following command (GUI CVS clients
-        usually have support for this feature as well):
-        </p>
-cd cayenne
-cvs diff -u > patch.txt
-		<p>Resulting <code>patch.txt</code> file will contain changes to all
Cayenne files
-		as compared to the latest CVS version. Patches should be submitted via <a href="bugs-features.html">Cayenne

-		Issue Tracker</a> . There is no need to notify cayenne-devel mailing list, since
all new issues are posted 
-		on this list automatically.</p>
-		<p> </p>
-		<panel name="Anonymous CVS Note:">Anonymous CVS hosted by has a few
-		It is being built by synchronizing with master repository every once in a while, so there
may be stale data in it.
-		Also in the past it used to be offline for extended periods of time. As an alternative

-		you may use CVS snapshots of STABLE and HEAD brances taken at 6 hour intervals and available
for download
-		from .
-		</panel>
-        </subsection>
-        </section>
+        Code contributions are made via patches submitted via the <a href="bugs-features.html">the
bug tracker</a>. For more details read <a href="">the
Developer Guide</a> that describes where the source code is, how to build it, etc.</p>
+             </section>

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