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From Ben G <>
Subject Re: Cassandra node JVM hang during node repair a table with materialized view
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2020 07:32:08 GMT
Thanks a lot. We are working on removing views and control the partition
size.  I hope the improvements help us

Best regards


Erick Ramirez <> 于2020年4月16日周四 下午2:08写道:

> GC collector is G1.  I ever repair the node after scale up. The JVM issue
>> reproduced.  Can I increase the heap to 40 GB on a 64GB VM?
> I wouldn't recommend going beyond 31GB on G1. It will be diminishing
> returns as I mentioned before.
> Do you think the issue is related to materialized view or big partition?
> Yes, materialised views are problematic and I don't recommend them for
> production since they're still experimental. But if I were to guess, I'd
> say your problem is more an issue with large partitions and too many
> tombstones both putting pressure on the heap.
> The thing is if you can't bootstrap because you're running into the
> TombstoneOverwhelmException (I'm guessing), I can't see how you wouldn't
> run into it with repairs. In any case, try running repairs on the smaller
> tables first and work on the remaining tables one-by-one. But bootstrapping
> a node with repairs is a very expensive exercise than just plain old
> bootstrap. I get that you're in a tough spot right now so good luck!


Guo Bin

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