Just an update, We deleted obsolete sstables and it worked fine. However I am not able to find out any jira for same issue.

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Thanks Jeff.

There was no restart between "Compacting" and "Compacted" logs but I observed that full repair (-pr) was running at that time with errors.

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException: Cannot proceed on repair because a neighbor (/aa.bb.cc.dd) is dead: session failed

Does anyone remember any JIRA ticket related to obsolete sstables not being deleted after compaction?



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Thanks Nitan,

 Thanks for your reply.

I am using following methodology to find obsolete sstables and just want to make sure that I don't delete live data if I delete them . 

In the following logs I searched for sstable " keyspace-columnfamily-jb-456789" and found that this "CompactionExecutor:1957" thread compacted  keyspace-columnfamily-jb-123456-Data.db ,  keyspace-columnfamily-jb-234567 -Data.db , keyspace-columnfamily-jb- 345678-Data.db. These files are still present in my data directory so I am assuming that they are obsolete. Is my assumption correct?

The lines from 'Compacting' are the ones obsoleted IF and ONLY IF you see a completed "Compacted" line for the same thread without a restart in between.

INFO [CompactionExecutor:1957] 2020-01-20 06:44:56,721 CompactionTask.java (line 120) Compacting [SSTableReader(path='/var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-123456-Data.db'), SSTableReader(path='/var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-234567-Data.db'), SSTableReader(path='/var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-345678-Data.db')]
 INFO [CompactionExecutor:1957] 2020-01-20 12:45:23,270 ColumnFamilyStore.java (line 795) Enqueuing flush of Memtable-compactions_in_progress@519967741(0/0 serialized/live bytes, 1 ops)
 INFO [CompactionExecutor:1957] 2020-01-20 12:45:23,502 CompactionTask.java (line 296) Compacted 3 sstables to [/var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-456789,].  136,795,757,524 bytes to 100,529,812,389 (~73% of original) in 21,626,781ms = 4.433055MB/s.  1,738,999,743 total partitions merged to 1,274,232,528.  Partition merge counts were {1:1049583261, 2:309997005, 3:23140824, }

In this case, /var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-123456-* , /var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-234567-*, and /var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/columnfamily/keyspace-columnfamily-jb-345678-* are all obsolete and should be gc'd "soon". If they're not being gc'd, there's something wrong and you should figure out what's going on. The cases where this happened in 2.0.x (which is what you're running) were usually pretty nasty bugs, and consider this a reason why you should be upgrading.

Note that if you just `rm` those files, you'll probably throw FileNotFound exceptions and break the node until you restart, which is bad. You'd have to stop the host, confirm everything is shut down, then remove that 137GB worth of input files if they still exist.

Also, please upgrade to 2.1.20. Your life will probably be much easier because of it.

As with all things, these are personal opinions, I cant guarantee they're safe, manually mucking around with database data files is scary, make sure you have a backup, practice in a lab, etc. 

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If you are certain that you don’t need data, your plan is good. Make sure to delete all the files for any given sequence number ie data, index, toc etc



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Hi Team

I am observing some obsolete files in Cassandra 2.0.14 which are already compacted but not removed from the system after compaction. 
As per CASSANDRA-7872 , after GC grace period has passed the sstables are open for read again and can lead to data resurrection. I am facing disk crunch  (90% full ) as well and need to remove those obsolete files ASAP.

To avoid this what should be our strategy? I am thinking on following lines
1. Stop the Cassandra server.
2. Remove the obsolete files manually.
3. Start the Cassandra server.



Laxmikant Upadhyay