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From Erick Ramirez <>
Subject Re: cassandra-cli on 3.x
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2020 02:37:46 GMT
> I am using astyanax client

Right. It was announced as being retired back in 2016 [1] which ended in
2018 [2]:

> *DeprecationAstyanax has been retired and is no longer under active
> development but may receive dependency updates to ease migration away from
> Astyanax.In place of Astyanax consider using DataStax Java Driver for
> Apache Cassandra which is under active development and encapsulates a lot
> of lessons learned from Astyanax. Since the DataStax driver supports only
> CQL protocol (because Apache Cassandra 4.x will drop the Thrift protocol),
> you’ll have to update all of your Thrift-based queries to CQL queries.*

I'm sure you've heard it a lot by now that you will need to migrate off
Thrift. C* 2.1 is on maintenance mode and will no longer be supported when
C* 4.0 is released [3]. Cheers!


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