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From Dipan Shah <>
Subject No progress in compactionstats
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2019 07:26:41 GMT

I am running a 5 node Cassandra cluster on V 3.7 and did not understand why the following
thing was happening. I had altered the compaction strategy of a table from Size to Leveled
and while running "nodetool compactionstats" found that the SSTables were stuck and not getting
compacted. This was happening on majority of the nodes while the remaining were still showing
some progress at compacting the SSTables.


There were no errors in system.log and a service restart also did not help. I reverted the
compaction strategy to Size to see what happens and that sent the value of pending tasks back
to 0.

I have done this earlier for a similar tables and it has worked perfectly fine for me. What
could have gone wrong over here?


Dipan Shah

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