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From Jai Bheemsen Rao Dhanwada <>
Subject Cassandra loglevel in 3.11.x version
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2019 05:26:57 GMT

I am trying to enable debug logs on the Cassandra cluster running with
3.11.3, I do see some debug logs but I don't see the same level of DEBUG
logs I used to see with 2.1.16 version of cassandra.

I am using the below command to set debug logging.

$ nodetool setlogginglevel org.apache.cassandra DEBUG

In the 2.1.16 version of Cassandra I see the below logs when I make a
select query using CQL, but I don't see the same trace logs in 3.11.3. has
anything changed in the 3.11.3 version?

> DEBUG [SharedPool-Worker-1] 2019-09-06 03:43:10,593 -
> Received: QUERY SELECT * FROM WHERE key=? AND id=?;, v=3

Thanks in advance.

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