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From Jeff Jirsa <>
Subject Re: Running Node Repair After Changing RF or Replication Strategy for a Keyspace
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 21:29:19 GMT
For just changing RF:

You only need to repair the full token range - how you do that is up to
you. Running `repair -pr -full` on each node will do that. Running `repair
-full` will do it multiple times, so it's more work, but technically
correct.The caveat that few people actually appreciate about changing
replication factors (# of copies per DC) is that you often have to run
repair after each increment - going from 3 -> 5 means 3 -> 4, repair, 4 ->
5 - just going 3 -> 5 will violate consistency guarantees, and is
technically unsafe.

For changing replication strategy:

Changing replication strategy is nontrivial - going from Simple to NTS is
often easy to do in a truly eventual consistency use case, but becomes much
harder if you're:
- using multiple DCs or
- vnodes + racks or
- if you must do it without violating consistency.

It turns out if you're not using multiple DCs or racks, then simplestrategy
is fine. But if you are using multiple DCs/racks, then changing is very
very hard. So usually by the time you're asking how to do this, you're in a
very bad position.

Do you have simple strategy and multiple DCs?
Are you using vnodes and racks?

I'd be incredibly skeptical about any blog that tried to give concrete
steps on how to do this - the steps are probably right 80% of the time, but
horribly wrong 20% of the time, especially if there's not a paragraph or
two about racks along the way.

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 7:52 AM Fd Habash <> wrote:

> Hi all …
> The datastax & apache docs are clear: run ‘nodetool repair’ after you
> alter a keyspace to change its RF or RS.
> However, the details are all over the place as what type of repair and on
> what nodes it needs to run. None of the above doc authorities are clear and
> what you find on the internet is quite contradictory.
> For example, this IBM doc
> <>
> suggest to run both the ‘alter keyspace’ and repair on EACH node affected
> or on ‘each node you need to change the RF on’.  Others
> <>,
> suggest to run ‘repair -pr’.
> On a cluster of 1 DC and three racks, this is how I understand it ….
>    1. Run the ‘alter keyspace’ on a SINGLE node.
>    2. As for repairing the altered keyspac, I assume there are two
>    options …
>       1. Run ‘repair -full [key_space]’ on all nodes in all racks
>       2. Run ‘repair -pr -full [keyspace] on all nodes in all racks
> Sounds correct?
> ----------------
> Thank you

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