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From Fd Habash <>
Subject Running Node Repair After Changing RF or Replication Strategy for a Keyspace
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 14:52:31 GMT
Hi all …

The datastax & apache docs are clear: run ‘nodetool repair’ after you alter a keyspace
to change its RF or RS.

However, the details are all over the place as what type of repair and on what nodes it needs
to run. None of the above doc authorities are clear and what you find on the internet is quite

For example, this IBM doc suggest to run both the ‘alter keyspace’ and repair on EACH
node affected or on ‘each node you need to change the RF on’.  Others, suggest to run
‘repair -pr’. 

On a cluster of 1 DC and three racks, this is how I understand it ….
1. Run the ‘alter keyspace’ on a SINGLE node. 
2. As for repairing the altered keyspac, I assume there are two options …
a. Run ‘repair -full [key_space]’ on all nodes in all racks
b. Run ‘repair -pr -full [keyspace] on all nodes in all racks

Sounds correct? 

Thank you

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