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From Rajasekhar Kommineni <>
Subject Driver Debug trace log
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2019 18:17:43 GMT
Hi All,

We are seeing some timeouts for Web calls which are going to remote DC, so enabled debug tracing
for DataStax java driver and getting below messages in the application log file.However not
able to get the exact reason for the timeout. Need assistance in finding the same.

DataStax Java driver version : 3.3.1
Apache Cassandra Version :  3.11.1
Cluster Setup : 2 DC (4+4)

019-04-10T09:29:57,228 DEBUG [Connection] (cluster1-nio-worker-2:)  Connection[/hostname:port-1,
inFlight=0, closed=false] Response received on stream 6784 but no handler set anymore (either
the request has timed out or it was closed due to another error). Received message is ROWS
[1 columns]
 | 0x7b22636172644964223a7b2266616d696c794964223a22353634222c2262616e6e65724964223a225f6361746368616c6c5f222c22636172644964223a223130303030363939353037227d2c226f6666657273223a5b7b226f666665724964223a2231353338303838222c226f666665725075624964223a2231313030343630363232222c2273636f7265223a33383231363739343031322c226461746552616e6765223a7b22666972737444617465223a22323031392d30342d3031222c226c61737444617465223a22323031392d30342d3330227d7d2c7b226f666665724964223a2231353430303930222c22...
[message of size 82098 truncated]

2019-04-10T09:29:57,226 ERROR [CassandraBucket] (qtp1395262169-485:) trn-daa3ac4a5713402bb79078a12733ae72
get caught OperationTimedOutException: tryNumber=1 id=primarykey class=com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.OperationTimedOutException
ex=[/hostname:port] Timed out waiting for server response


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