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From Vsevolod Filaretov <>
Subject New node insertion methods
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2019 09:00:49 GMT
Hello everyone!

We have a cluster of 4 nodes, 4.5 tb/data per node, and are in the middle
of adding 4 more nodes to the cluster.
Joining a new node based on official guidelines/helps (setup cassandra on a
new node, start cassandra instance, wait until node goes from JOINING state
to NORMAL, perform nodetool cleanup) takes approximately 7 days in our
case, per single node.

Are there any workarounds to speed up the process? (e.g. doing cleanup only
after all 4 new nodes joined cluster), or inserting multiple nodes
simultaneously with specific settings?
How do people with tens of Cassandra nodes perform insertion/extraction of
new/failed nodes? What's the usual routine in case you have 20+ nodes, and
need to decommission 4 nodes and insert 4 new ones instead?
Links to blog posts or mail threads much appreciated!

Thank you all in advance,
Vsevolod Filaretov.

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