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From onmstester onmstester <>
Subject Re: removenode force vs assasinate
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:55:21 GMT
The only option to stream decommissioned node's data is to run "nodetool decommission" on the
decommissioned node (while cassandra is running on the node)

removenode only streams data from node's relpica, so any data that only stored on decommissioned
node would be lost.

You should monitoring streaming status by "nodetool netstats" on all nodes, to see if it has
only progress. if it stuck on any node, check that node's logs to find out the reason.

Normally i try  removenode 3 times, if none succeeded then i run "nodetool assasinate"

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---- On Mon, 11 Mar 2019 16:02:19 +0330 Ahmed Eljami <> wrote

Thx onmstester,

I Thnik that remove node dont stream data  : refer to blog of TLP :

Will NOT stream any of the decommissioned node’s data to the new replicas. 

Anyway, I have already launched a remove node but it continues to appear DL after 72 hours.

So I  want to know if I should execute  one again a removenode with force or go directly
to assasinate and the diff between.

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