We are also running Cassandra on Windows and created a package named Cassandrows. It automatically configures Cassandra to work as a Windows Service.

You can directly use Cassandrows or install it another computer and take a look at cassandrows.bat file to understand the configuration and apply in your environment.

Hope that helps.

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Apache Cassandra has no service executable, so you're probably using Datastax DDAC instead, if it's the case you should contact them for support.

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Subject: Re: OpenJDK and Windows Service Error
On 1/2/19 9:58 AM, Rick L Johnson wrote:
> “Windows could not start the service on Local Computer. For more
> information review the System event log. If this is a non-Microsoft
> service, contact the service vendor and refer to the server specific
> error code 1”.

What does the System event log say? What else did you try as a result of
those log entries? etc.

Windows is a best-effort, untested, dev-only platform for the project.
You may need to work line by line through startup scripts, debug, then
offer suggested fixes to the project to keep Windows functional. There
are very few users on the platform, so it's really up to those few users
to keep it working.


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